Atmospheric environment

Study on the removal of NOx from simulated flue gas using acidicNaClO2 solution

Bal Raj Deshwal , Si Hyun Lee , Jong Hyeon Jung , Byung Hyun Shon , Hyung Keun Lee


Received March 27, 2007,Revised June 04, 2007, Accepted , Available online

Volume 20,2008,Pages 33-38

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The study on the removal of NOx from simulated flue gas has been carried out in a lab-scale bubbling reactor using acidic solutions of sodium chlorite. Experiments were performed at various pH values and inlet NO concentrations in the absence or presence of SO2 gas at 45°C. The e ect of SO2 on NO oxidation and NO2 absorption was critically examined. The oxidative ability of sodium chlorite was investigated at di erent pH values and it was found to be a better oxidant at a pH less than 4. In acidic medium, sodium chlorite decomposed into ClO2 gas, which is believed to participate in NO oxidation as well as in NO2 absorption. A plausible NOx removal mechanism using acidic sodium chlorite solution has been postulated. A maximum NOx removal e ciency of about 81% has been achieved.

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