Aquatic environment

Properties and coagulation mechanisms of polyferric silicate sulfate with high concentration

SONG Zhiwei , REN Nanqi


Received April 30, 2007,Revised July 27, 2007, Accepted , Available online

Volume 20,2008,Pages 129-134

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Polyferric silicate sulfate (PFSS) with high concentration was prepared using the composite-poly method. The coagulation properties and mechanisms of this new complex were probed using TEM, Fe-Ferron timed complex-colorimetric method, and infrared spectrum method. The results showed that the flocculating e ect of polyferric silicate sulfate had an advantage over polyferric sulfate (PFS), as the optimum coagulation e ect could be obtained when the Si/Fe mole ratio was 0.75 in accordance with its macrostructure of PFSS. According to the Fe-Ferron timed complex-colorimetric method, the Si species was mainly Sic, whereas, the Fe species were Fea and Fec in the copolymerization system. The infrared spectra indicated that the structure of these new flocculants was formed by polymers, mainly by olation, which was di erent from polyferric sulfate, and the vibration of M-OH-M of around 1100 cm-1, also proved that there existed Fe-OH-Fe and its polymers in some forms.

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