Environmental catalysis and materials

Enhanced electrochemical oxidation of phenol by introducing ferric ionsand UV radiation

MAO Xuhui , WEI Lin , HONG Song , ZHU Hua , LIN An , GAN Fuxing


Received September 22, 2007,Revised June 09, 2008, Accepted , Available online

Volume 20,2008,Pages 1386-1391

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The mineralization of phenol in aerated electrochemical oxidation has been investigated. The results show that a cathodic Fenton process can occur when the Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni alloy material is used as cathode in solution containing ferric or ferrous ions; moreover, the reinforcement of cathodic Fenton process on the total organic carbon (TOC) removal rate of phenol is quite distinct. Among the metallic ions investigated, the ferric ion is the best catalyst for the electrochemical mineralization of phenol at initial pH 2.0, and the optimal concentration range is from 50 to 200 mg/L. The favorable pH range and supporting electrolyte (Na2SO4) concentration for mineralization of phenol in solution containing ferrous ions are 1.8–2.3 and below 0.10 mol/L, respectively. UV radiation can improve the TOC removal rate of phenol, but the enhanced e ect varies in di erent solutions. In the solution containing ferric ions, an equal sum or synergetic e ect can be observed. The optimal e ect of electrolysis system under UV radiation is achieved in the solution containing 50 mg/L Fe3+ with a final removal percentage of 81.3%.

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