Environmental biology

Detection of Phaeocystis globosa using sandwich hybridization integratedwith nuclease protection assay (NPA-SH)

ZHEN Yu , MI Tiezhu , YU Zhigang


Received January 04, 2008,Revised March 12, 2008, Accepted , Available online

Volume 20,2008,Pages 1481-1486

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Phaeocystis globosa Scher el is one of the common harmful algae species in coastal waters of the southeastern China. In this study, sandwich hybridization integrated with nuclease protection assay (NPA-SH) was used to qualitatively and quantitatively detect P. globosa. Results showed that this method had good applicability and validity in analyzing the samples from laboratory cultures and from fields. The linear regression equation for P. globosa was obtained, and the lowest detection number of cells was 1.8 104 cells. Statistics showed that there was no distinct di erence between the results of detecting the microalgae by NPA-SH and traditional microscopy. This technique has good reliability, accuracy, and can give a remarkably high sample processing rate. Sandwich hybridization integrated with nuclease protection assay will provide an e cient alternative to microscopic method for monitoring and investigating the bloom of P. globosa.

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