Aquatic environment

Kinetic analysis of waste activated sludge hydrolysis and short-chain fattyacids production at pH 10

FENG Leiyu , YAN Yuanyuan , CHEN Yinguang


Received June 20, 2008,Revised August 28, 2008, Accepted , Available online

Volume 21,2009,Pages 589-594

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The accumulation of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), a preferred carbon source for enhanced biological phosphorus removal microbes, was significantly improved when waste activated sludge (WAS) was fermented at pH 10. The kinetics ofWAS hydrolysis and SCFAs production at pH 10 was investigated. It was observed that duringWAS anaerobic fermentation the accumulation of SCFAs was limited by the hydrolysis process, and both the hydrolysis ofWAS particulate COD and the accumulation of SCFAs followed first-order kinetics. The hydrolysis and SCFAs accumulation rate constants increased with increasing temperature from 10 to 35°C, which could be described by the Arrhenius equation. The kinetic data further indicated that SCFAs production at pH 10 was a biological process. Compared with the experiment of pH uncontrolled (blank test), both the rate constants of WAS hydrolysis and SCFAs accumulation at 20°C were improved significantly when WAS was fermented at pH 10.

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