Environmental biology

Effect of lead on survival, locomotion and sperm morphology of Asianearthworm, Pheretima guillelmi

ZHENG Rongquan , LI Canyang


Received May 10, 2008,Revised July 15, 2008, Accepted , Available online

Volume 21,2009,Pages 691-695

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To provide basic toxicity data for formulating risk characterization benchmarks, the e ects of lead on survival, locomotion, and sperm morphology were investigated in the Asian earthworm Pheretima guillelmi. The LC50 of P. guillelmi for 7 and 14 d were 4285 339 mg/kg and 3207 248 mg/kg, which shows P. guillelmi can tolerate a higher concentration of lead nitrate. The average weight of the surviving earthworms decreased at concentration of 2800 mg Pb/kg soil, and the locomotor ability of earthworms exposed to a range of soil Pb concentrations showed a general decrease with increasing Pb concentrations. We also presented data depicting the sperm morphology of earthworms, which shows potential as a sensitive biomarker for measuring the e ects of heavy metal on reproduction.

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