Atmospheric environment

Oxidation of gaseous elemental mercury in a high voltage discharge reactor

WANG Meiyan , ZHU Tianle , LUO Hongjing , TANG Ping , LI Huan


Received February 06, 2009,Revised May 11, 2009, Accepted , Available online

Volume 21,2009,Pages 1652-1657

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Effects of the voltage waveform, discharge tooth wheel number and CO2/NO/SO2 concentration in the simulated flue gas on Hg0 oxidation were investigated using a link tooth wheel-cylinder reactor energized by di erent high voltage power supplies. Negative DC discharge induced more ozone production and a higher Hg0 oxidation e ciency than positive DC discharge and 12 kHz AC discharge. The discharge tooth wheel number had almost no e ect on the maximum Hg0 oxidation e ciency. The allowable supplied voltage decreased with the increase of discharge tooth wheel number. CO2 could stabilize the discharge process and increase the maximum voltage for a stable discharge. It has also been found that NO consumed O3 induced by high voltage discharge, thereby decreased Hg0 oxidation e ciency; while SO2 had a slight promoting e ect on Hg0 oxidation.

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