Atmospheric environment

Phase behavior of TXs/toluene/water microemulsion systems for solubilizationabsorption of toluene

Lian Liu , Senlin Tian , Ping Ning


Received March 13, 2009,Revised July 10, 2009, Accepted , Available online

Volume 22,2010,Pages 271-276

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Triton Xs (TXs) surfactants/cosurfactant/water/oil (toluene) microemulsion systems for enhancing toluene solubilization were proposed and its potential was investigated for toluene removal from gas stream. The results indicated that TX-100 was superior to other TXs surfactants in removing toluene without cosurfactant. The e ciency of cosurfactants for improving toluene solubilization capacity follows the order: amine > alcohol > acid. According to the factor analysis, the linear cosurfactants are better than the branched ones. The e ects of hydrophile-lipophile balance (HLB), salt (NaCl) concentration and temperature on the formation of microemulsion system were also discussed. The results suggested that the optimum value of HLB was 15, the e ect of NaCl concentration on the system was inconspicuous and the lower temperature enhanced the solubilization capacity. Nonionic surfactant-based microemulsions had a significant absorption enhancement for toluene, indicated by as much as 82.72% of toluene in phase composition diagram, which will have a great prospect in air pollution treatment.

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