Aquatic environment

Changes in different organic matter fractions during conventional treatmentand advanced treatment

Chao Chen , Xiaojian Zhang , Lingxia Zhu , Wenjie He , Hongda Han


Received March 15, 2010,Revised September 03, 2010, Accepted , Available online

Volume 23,2011,Pages 582-586

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XAD-8 resin isolation of organic matter in water was used to divide organic matter into the hydrophobic and hydrophilic fractions. A pilot plant was used to investigate the change in both fractions during conventional and advanced treatment processes. The treatment of hydrophobic organics (HPO), rather than hydrophilic organicas (HPI), should carry greater emphasis due to HPO’s higher trihalomethane formation potential (THMFP) and haloacetic acid formation potential (HAAFP). The removal of hydrophobic matter and its transmission into hydrophilic matter reduced ultimate DBP yield during the disinfection process. The results showed that sand filtration, ozonation, and biological activated carbon (BAC) filtration had distinct influences on the removal of both organic fractions. Additionally, the combination of processes changed the organic fraction proportions present during treatment. The use of ozonation and BAC maximized organic matter removal e ciency, especially for the hydrophobic fraction. In sum, the combination of pre-ozonation, conventional treatment, and O3-BAC removed 48% of dissolved organic carbon (DOC), 60% of HPO, 30% of HPI, 63% of THMFP, and 85% of HAAFP. The use of conventional treatment and O3-BAC without pre-ozonation had a comparable performance, removing 51% of DOC, 56% of HPO, 45% of HPI, 61% of THMFP, and 72% of HAAFP. The e ectiveness of this analysis method indicated that resin isolation and fractionation should be standardized as an applicable test to help assess water treatment process e ciency.

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