The 6th International Conferenceon on Interfaces Against Pollution

Efficiency of active barriers attaching biofilm as sediment capping to eliminatethe internal nitrogen in eutrophic lake and canal

Tinglin Huang , Jinlan Xu , Daojian Cai


Received July 01, 2010,Revised October 25, 2010, Accepted , Available online

Volume 23,2011,Pages 738-743

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Three active barrier materials (zeolite, ceramicite and light porous media) were applied for preventing nitrogen (N) release from eutrophic lake sediments. Long term experiment of two di erent lake sediments were carried out and the e ect of zeolite dose was evaluated. The results indicated that about 90%–100% of total N in overlying water was eliminated by using zeolite. While the N removal e ciency by ceramic was lower than that by zeolite, and light porous media present the lowest e ciency of 59%. Long term sediment incubation experiments indicated that two eutrophic sediments were both e ective in preventing N release in spite of di erent release characteristics. Bio-zeolite capping technology was able to e ectively inhibit the release of N from the sediment, and the zeolite dose was independently from N removal.

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