Environmental catalysis and materials

Photodegradation of Norfloxacin in aqueous solution containing algae

Junwei Zhang , Dafang Fu , Jilong Wu


Received May 23, 2011,Revised September 19, 2011, Accepted , Available online April 06, 2012

Volume 24,2012,Pages 743-749

Photodegradation of Norfloxacin in aqueous solution containing algae under a medium pressure mercury lamp (15 W, λmax = 365 nm) was investigated. Results indicated that the photodegradation of Norfloxacin could be induced by the algae in the heterogeneous algaewater systems. The photodegradation rate of Norfloxacin increased with increasing algae concentration, and was greatly influenced by the temperature and pH of solution. Meanwhile, the cooperation action of algae and Fe(III), and the ultrasound were beneficial to photodegradation of Norfloxacin. The degradation kinetics of Norfloxacin was found to follow the pseudo zero-order reaction in the suspension of algae. In addition, we discussed the photodegradation mechanism of Norfloxacin in the suspension of algae. This work will be helpful for understanding the photochemical degradation of antibiotics in aqueous environment in the presence of algae, for providing a new method to deal with antibiotics pollution.

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