Aquatic environment

Zeolite (Na) modified by nano-Fe particles adsorbing phosphate in rainwater runoff

Lili Gan , Jiane Zuo , Bangmi Xie , Peng Li , Xia Huang


Received January 16, 2012,Revised March 21, 2012, Accepted , Available online November 06, 2012

Volume 24,2012,Pages 1929-1933

Zeolite (Na) modified by self-synthesized nano-Fe particles was used as infiltration media to adsorb phosphate in rainwater runoff. The adsorption capacities increased up to 75 times that of natural zeolite at a saturated equilibrium phosphate concentration of 0.42 mg/L. The correlation of capacity and material-specific surface area indicated that specific surface area was not the key factor contributing to the capacity improvement. SEM and XRD analysis showed that chemical reaction between Fe and P to form new products like cacoxenite is the main reason for the increased capacity, and that the method of adding metal ions or particles to improve the adsorption capacity for phosphate is feasible.

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