Aquatic environment

Irrigation system and land use effect on surface water quality in river, at lake Dianchi, Yunnan, China

Takashi Tanaka , Takahiro Sato , Kazuo Watanabe , Ying Wang , Dan Yang , Hiromo Inoue , Kunzhi Li , Tatsuya Inamura


Received October 24, 2012,Revised January 24, 2013, Accepted , Available online June 06, 2013

Volume ,2013,Pages 1107-1116

The surface water samples were collected in river Dahe and its tributaries, which flow into severely eutrophic lake Dianchi, Yunnan Province, China, in order to elucidate factors controlling water quality fluctuations. The temporal and spatial distribution of water quality tendency was observed. The water quality of each river is dependent on the hydrology effect such water gate and circulating irrigation system. We must consider the hydrology effect to accurately understand water quality variations of river in this study field. In river without highly circulating irrigation system or water gate effect, the downstream nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) concentration increase occurred in area dominated by open field cultivation, whereas the NO3-N concentration was constant or decreased in area dominated by greenhouse land use. This result suggests that greenhouse covers the soil from precipitation, and nitrate load of greenhouse could be less than that of open field cultivation while the rainfall event. In the upper reaches of river, where is dominated by open field cultivation, there were no sharp increase dissolved molybdate reactive phosphorus and total phosphorus concentration, but P load was accumulated in the lower reaches of river, whose predominant land use is greenhouse. Although the P sources is unclear in this study, greenhouse area may have potential of P loads due to its high P content in greenhouse soil. Considering hydrology effect is necessary to determine what the major factor is influencing the water quality variation, especially in area with highly complicated irrigation system in this studying site.

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