Aquatic environment

Characteristics of volatile compounds removal in biogas slurry of pig manure by ozone oxidation and organic solvents extraction

Yujun Wang , Lianshuang Feng , Xiaosong Zhao , Xiulan Ma , Jingmin Yang , Huiqing Liu , Sen Dou , Miping Zhou , Zhonglei Xie


Received November 28, 2012,Revised March 29, 2013, Accepted , Available online September 06, 2013

Volume 25,2013,Pages 1800-1807

Biogas slurry is not suitable for liquid fertilizer due to its high amounts of volatile materials being of complicated composition and peculiar smell. In order to remove volatiles from biogas slurry efficiently, the dynamic headspace and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry were used to clear the composition of volatiles. Nitrogen stripping and superfluous ozone were also used to remove volatiles from biogas slurry. The results showed that there were 21 kinds of volatile compounds in the biogas slurry, including sulfur compounds, organic amines, benzene, halogen generation of hydrocarbons and alkanes, some of which had strong peculiar smell. The volatile compounds in biogas slurry can be removed with the rate of 53.0% by nitrogen stripping and with rate of 81.7% by the oxidization and stripping of the superfluous ozone. On this basis, the removal rate of the volatile compounds reached 99.2% by chloroform and n-hexane extraction, and almost all of odor was eliminated. The contents of some dissolved organic compounds decreased obviously and however main plant nutrients had no significant change in the biogas slurry after being treated.

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