Application of hinokitiol potassium salt for wood preservative

Junyi Hu , Yu Shen , Song Pang , Yun Gao , Guoyong Xiao , Shujun Li , Yingqian Xu


Received ,Revised , Accepted , Available online March 11, 2014

Volume ,2013,Pages S32-S35

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The decay of wood and other cellulosic materials by fungi cause significant economic loss. The widely used chromated copper arsenate was prohibited for the environmental impact and safety of arsenic and chromium. It was found that natural product hinokitiol (HK) had fungicidal and insecticidal activities, and its toxicity was bearable for the environment. We described the practical synthesis of HK-K salt. According to the GB/T18261-2000 and LY/T1283-1998, wood preservative performance of HK-K salt was tested. The results showed that the best inhibitory concentration of HK-K salt was 50 mg/L, for which the prevention effectiveness on mold is better, the killed value is between 0 and 1, and the corrosion-resistant for wood-rotting fungi is grade A.

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