Photocatalytic degradation of C. I. Reactive Red 24 solution with K6SiW11O39Sn

Guixiang Guo , Xiuhua Zhu , Fuyou Shi , Anning Wang , Wei Wang , Jun Mu , Quanli Wan , Rong Zhang


Received ,Revised , Accepted , Available online March 11, 2014

Volume ,2013,Pages S80-S84

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Environmental friendly materials, K6SiW11O39Sn (SiWSn), was synthesized. SiWSn photocatalytic decomposition of C. I. Reactive Red 24 (RR24) with the UV-lamp (253.7 nm, 20 W), Xenon lamp filtered less than 390 nm light (500 W) and sun light was investigated. The results showed that RR24 solution could be effectively decolorized with the SiWSn photocatalyst. The photocatalytic degradation efficiency of RR24 with SiWSn was affected by the initial concentration of RR2 solution, the amount of SiWSn and the photolysis time. It is demonstrated that the process of photodegradation of RR24 with SiWSn is a pesudo first-order reaction, which can be described by Langmuir-Hinshelwood equation. Hydroxyl radicals and holes are both the main oxidants in the photocatalytic reaction of RR24 with SiWSn.

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