Effects of atamp-charging coke making on strength and high temperature thermal properties of coke

Yaru Zhang , Jinfeng Bai , Jun Xu , Xiangyun Zhong , Zhenning Zhao , Hongchun Liu


Received ,Revised , Accepted , Available online March 11, 2014

Volume ,2013,Pages S190-S195

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The stamp-charging coke making process has some advantages of improving the operation environment, decreasing fugitive emission, higher gas collection efficiency as well as less environmental pollution. This article describes the different structure strength and high temperature thermal properties of 4 different types of coke manufactured using a conventional coking process and the stamp-charging coke making process. The 4 kinds of cokes were prepared from the mixture of five feed coals blended by the petrography blending method. The results showed that the structure strength indices of coke prepared using the stamp-charging coke method increase sharply. In contrast with conventional coking process, the stamp-charging process improved the coke strength after reaction but had little impact on the coke reactivity index.

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