Atmospheric environment

Online monitoring of water-soluble ionic composition of PM10 during early summer over Lanzhou City

Jin Fan , Xiaoying Yue , Yi Jing , Qiang Chen , Shigong Wang


Received March 22, 2013,Revised July 29, 2013, Accepted , Available online January 27, 2014

Volume ,2014,Pages 353-361

Lanzhou is one of the most aerosol-polluted cities in China. In this study, an online analyzer for Monitoring for AeRosols and GAses was deployed to measure major water-soluble inorganic ions in PM10 at 1-hour time resolution, and 923 samples were obtained from Apr 1 to May 24, 2011. During the field campaign, air pollution days were encountered with Air Quality Index more than 100 and daily average concentration of PM10 exceeding 150 μg/m3. Based on the variation of water-soluble ions and results of Positive Matrix Factorization 3.0 model execution, the air pollution days were classified as crustal species-or secondary aerosol-induced, and the different formation mechanisms of these two air pollution types were studied. During the crustal species pollution days, the content of Ca2+ increased and was about 2.3 times higher than the average on clear days, and the air parcel back trajectory was used to analyze the sources of crustal species. Data on sulfate, trace gases and meteorological factors were used to reveal the formation mechanism of secondary aerosol pollution. The sulfur oxidation ratio (SOR) was derived from the 923 samples, and the SOR had high positive correlation with relative humidity in early summer in Lanzhou.

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