Environmental catalysis and materials

Heterogeneous Fenton-like degradation of 4-chlorophenol using iron/ordered mesoporous carbon catalyst

Feng Duan , Yuezhu Yang , Yuping Li , Hongbin Cao , Yi Wang , Yi Zhang


Received July 19, 2013,Revised September 06, 2013, Accepted , Available online April 01, 2014

Volume 26,2014,Pages 1171-1179

Ordered mesoporous carbon supported iron catalysts (Fe/OMC) were prepared by the incipient wetness impregnation method and investigated in Fenton-like degradation of 4-chlorophenol (4CP) in this work. XRD and TEM characterization showed that the iron oxides were well dispersed on the OMC support and grew bigger with the increasing calcination temperature. The catalyst prepared with a lower calcination temperature showed higher decomposition efficiency towards 4CP and H2O2, but more metals were leached. The effect of different operational parameters such as initial pH, H2O2 dosage, and reaction temperature on the catalytic activity was evaluated. The results showed that 96.1% of 4CP and 47.4% of TOC was removed after 270 min at 30℃, initial pH of 3 and 6.6 mmol/L H2O2. 88% of 4CP removal efficiency was retained after three successive runs, indicating Fe/OMC a stable catalyst for Fenton reaction. 4CP was degraded predominately by the attack of hydroxyl radical formed on the catalyst surface and in the bulk solution due to iron leaching. Based on the degradation intermediates detected by high performance liquid chromatography, possible oxidation pathways were proposed during the 4CP degradation.

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