Combination of heterogeneous Fenton-like reaction and photocatalysis using Co-TiO2 nanocatalyst for activation of KHSO5 with visible light irradiation at ambient conditions

Qingkong Chen , Fangying Ji , Qian Guo , Jianping Fan , Xuan Xu


Received January 16, 2014,Revised April 11, 2014, Accepted , Available online December 22, 2014

Volume 26,2014,Pages 2440-2450

A novel coupled system using Co-TiO2 was successfully designed which combined two different heterogeneous advanced oxidation processes, sulfate radical based Fenton-like reaction (SR-Fenton) and visible light photocatalysis (Vis-Photo), for degradation of organic contaminants. The synergistic effect of SR-Fenton and Vis-Photo was observed through comparative tests of 50 mg/L Rhodamine B (RhB) degradation and TOC removal. The Rhodamine B degradation rate and TOC removal were 100% and 68.1% using the SR-Fenton/ Vis-Photo combined process under ambient conditions, respectively. Moreover, based on XRD, XPS and UV-DRS characterization, it can be deduced that tricobalt tetroxide located on the surface of the catalyst is the SR-Fenton active site, and cobalt ion implanted in the TiO2 lattice is the reason for the visible light photocatalytic activity of Co-TiO2. Finally, the effects of the calcination temperature and cobalt concentration on the synergistic performance were also investigated and a possible mechanism for the synergistic system was proposed. This coupled system exhibited excellent catalytic stability and reusability, and almost no dissolution of Co2+ was found.

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