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Impact of disinfection on drinking water biofilm bacterial community

Chao Chen , Shuguang Xie , Xiaojian Zhang , Yu Dai , Zilong Mi


Received February 27, 2015,Revised April 22, 2015, Accepted April 23, 2015, Available online June 26, 2015

Volume 37,2015,Pages 200-205

Disinfectants are commonly applied to control the growth of microorganisms in drinking water distribution systems. However, the effect of disinfection on drinking water microbial community remains poorly understood. The present study investigated the impacts of different disinfectants (chlorine and chloramine) and dosages on biofilm bacterial community in bench-scale pipe section reactors. Illumina MiSeq sequencing illustrated that disinfection strategy could affect both bacterial diversity and community structure of drinking water biofilm. Proteobacteria tended to predominate in chloraminated drinking water biofilms, while Firmicutes in chlorinated and unchlorinated biofilms. The major proteobacterial groups were influenced by both disinfectant type and dosage. In addition, chloramination had a more profound impact on bacterial community than chlorination.

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