On-line batch production of ferrate with an chemical method and its potential application for greywater recycling with Al(III) salt

Yarui Song , Bin Men , Dongsheng Wang , Jianwei Ma


Received November 03, 2015,Revised May 05, 2016, Accepted May 07, 2016, Available online May 24, 2016

Volume 29,2017,Pages 1-7

Ferrate(VI) salt is an oxidant and coagulant for water and wastewater treatment. It is considered as a possible alternative method in greywater treatment. However, challenges have existed in putting ferrate(VI) technology into full-scale practice in water and wastewater treatment due to the instability of ferrate solution and high production cost of solid ferrate products. This study demonstrated a new approach of greywater treatment with on-line batch production of Fe(VI) to which Fe(III) salt was oxidized at a weak acidity solution. A series of experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of Fe(VI) on light greywater (total organic carbon (TOC) = 19.5 mg/L) and dark greywater (TOC = 55 mg/L) treatment under different conditions with varying pH and Fe(VI) doses. In addition, the combination use of Fe(VI) and Al(III) salts was proved to be more efficient than using the Fe(VI) salts alone at greywater recycling. The optimum dosage of Fe(VI)/Al(III) salts was 25/25 mg/L for light greywater, 90/60 mg/L for dark greywater, respectively. The TOC values of both light greywater and dark greywater were reduced to less than 3 mg/L with the dosages. The cost for treating greywater was 0.06–0.2 $/ton at ferrate(VI) dosage of 25–90 mg/L and 0.008–0.024 $/ton at AlCl3 dosage of 25–60 mg/L. The full operating cost needs further assessment before the Fe(VI)/Al(III) technology could be implemented in greywater treatment.

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