Algal removal from cyanobacteria-rich waters by preoxidation-assisted coagulation–flotation: Effect of algogenic organic matter release on algal removal and trihalomethane formation

Jr-Lin Lin , Lap-Cuong Hua , Shih Kai Hung , Chihpin Huang


Received November 18, 2016,Revised , Accepted February 10, 2017, Available online February 20, 2017

Volume 30,2018,Pages 147-155

The cyanobacteria-bloom in raw waters frequently causes an unpredictable chemical dosing of preoxidation and coagulation for an effective removal of algal cells in water treatment plants. This study investigated the effects of preoxidation with NaOCl and ClO2 on the coagulation–flotation effectiveness in the removal of two commonly blooming cyanobacteria species, Microcystis aeruginosa (MA) and Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii (CR), and their corresponding trihalomethane (THM) formation potential. The results showed that dual dosing with NaOCl plus ClO2 was more effective in enhancing the deformation of cyanobacterial cells compared to single dosing with NaOCl, especially for CR-rich water. Both preoxidation approaches for CR-rich water effectively reduced the CR cell count with less remained dissolved organic carbon (DOC), which benefited subsequent coagulation–flotation. However, preoxidation led to an adverse release of algogenic organic matter (AOM) in the case of MA-rich water. The release of AOM resulted in a poor removal in MA cells and a large amount of THM formation after oxidation-assisted coagulation–flotation process. The reduction in THM formation potential of CR-rich waters is responsible for effective algae and DOC removal by alum coagulation. It is concluded that the species-specific characteristic of cyanobacteria and their AOM released during chlorination significantly influences the performance of coagulation–flotation for AOM removal and corresponding THM formation.

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