Characterization of natural organic matter in water for optimizing wat...

Qi Zheng,Xiaoqiu Yang,Wenchao Deng,X. Chris Le,Xing-Fang Li

Benefits and risks associated with consumption of Great Lakes fish con...

Rebecca E. Paliwoda,Ashley M. Newbigging,Zhixin Wang,X. Chris Le

Rapid growth of environmental research in China

Guibin Jiang,Chunxia Wang,X. Chris Le

Removal of nanoparticles by coagulation

Aleksandra Popowich,Qi Zhang,X. Chris Le

Cadmium in soybeans and the relevance to human exposure

Ashley M. Newbigging,Xiaowen YanX. Chris Le

Studying developmental neurotoxic effects of bisphenol A (BPA) using e...

Jinhua Li,Katherine Z. FuSai Vemula,X. Chris LeXing-Fang Li

Cyanobacterial bloom dynamics in Lake Taihu

Katherine Z. Fu, Birget Moe, Xing-Fang Li and X. Chris Le

Rice: Reducing arsenic content by controlling water irrigation

Ashley M. Newbigging, Rebecca E. Paliwoda and X. Chris Le


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