No.2,1989 Table of Contents

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Environment and cancer in Shanghai
  Fang Rukang
  1989,1(2):1-9 [Abstract(3005)]  [View PDF]
Advances of studies on biomonitoring of water pollution in China
  Wang Deming,Yu Shuwen
  1989,1(2):10-14 [Abstract(2666)]  [View PDF]
Photochemical reaction of particle-bound 1-nitropyrene under simulated atmospheric condition
  Zhang Zhijia,Jin Zuliang,Zhu Naikai,Xu Xiaobai
  1989,1(2):15-22 [Abstract(2772)]  [View PDF]
Regional eco-environmental analysis of Yuxi River-Chaohu Lake
  Yin Chengqing
  1989,1(2):23-28 [Abstract(2889)]  [View PDF]
Redox potential EH [Se(VI)/Se(IV)] of aqueous extractof soils from Yongshou Kaschin-Beck diseaseregion and the influence by humic acid
  Peng An,Xu Langqiu
  1989,1(2):29-36 [Abstract(3187)]  [View PDF]
Preparation of calibration standard of organic vapours using the diffusion tube method
  Huang Wenyu
  1989,1(2):37-47 [Abstract(2888)]  [View PDF]
Fate of BHC in the terrestrial ecosystem
  Huang Shizhong,Li Zhixiang
  1989,1(2):48-53 [Abstract(2912)]  [View PDF]
Effects of simulated acid rain on saplings of Pinus massoniana and Cunninghamia lanceolata
  Shan Yuenfeng,Feng Zongwei
  1989,1(2):54-59 [Abstract(2124)]  [View PDF]
Study on the decolorization of dyes by microorganisms
  Xian Haijun,Yang Huifang
  1989,1(2):60-68 [Abstract(2360)]  [View PDF]
Application of closed-vessel microwave digestion method for the determination of multi-elements in environmental samples by sequential ICP-AES
  Xu Liqiang,Shen Wangxing,Zhu Jingfang
  1989,1(2):69-75 [Abstract(2305)]  [View PDF]
Water quality modelling of Dapeng Bay, China
  Zhan Xiaoyong
  1989,1(2):76-80 [Abstract(2241)]  [View PDF]
Prediction and coordination of the man-environment system—a case study in Jiaozuo City
  Sun Benjing,Liu Peitong,Wang Huadong
  1989,1(2):81-90 [Abstract(2081)]  [View PDF]
A regional environmental management information system for Chinese EPA—the system analysis and design
  Situ Wei,Cheng Shengtong,Zhang Xin,Long Peixiang,Liu Hongbin
  1989,1(2):91-97 [Abstract(2137)]  [View PDF]
Fate of the herbicide metolachlor in aerobic and anaerobic soils
  Zhang Renwu
  1989,1(2):98-103 [Abstract(2111)]  [View PDF]
Zeeman graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometric determination of eight life elements in human blood samples
  Zhao Jin,Jiang Shougui (S. G. Jiang),Chen Shikun,Jiang Desen
  1989,1(2):104-108 [Abstract(2127)]  [View PDF]
Synchronous fluorescence technique and its use in identification of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in urine samples
  Zhao Zhenhua,Quan Wenyi
  1989,1(2):109-115 [Abstract(2269)]  [View PDF]
Determination of dissolved selenium species in environmental samples
  Wang Zijian,Peng An
  1989,1(2):116-121 [Abstract(2172)]  [View PDF]

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