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Environment and cancer in Shanghai
  Fang RukangFang Rukang
  1989,1(2):1-9 [Abstract(3118)]  [View PDF]
Advances of studies on biomonitoring of water pollution in China
  Wang Deming,Yu ShuwenWang Deming, Yu Shuwen
  1989,1(2):10-14 [Abstract(2767)]  [View PDF]
Photochemical reaction of particle-bound 1-nitropyrene under simulated atmospheric condition
  Zhang Zhijia,Jin Zuliang,Zhu Naikai,Xu XiaobaiJin Zuliang, Xu Xiaobai, Zhang Zhijia, Zhu Naikai
  1989,1(2):15-22 [Abstract(2892)]  [View PDF]
Regional eco-environmental analysis of Yuxi River-Chaohu Lake
  Yin ChengqingYin Chengqing
  1989,1(2):23-28 [Abstract(3007)]  [View PDF]
Redox potential EH [Se(VI)/Se(IV)] of aqueous extractof soils from Yongshou Kaschin-Beck diseaseregion and the influence by humic acid
  Peng An,Xu LangqiuPeng An, Xu Langqiu
  1989,1(2):29-36 [Abstract(3316)]  [View PDF]
Preparation of calibration standard of organic vapours using the diffusion tube method
  Huang WenyuHuang Wenyu
  1989,1(2):37-47 [Abstract(3007)]  [View PDF]
Fate of BHC in the terrestrial ecosystem
  Huang Shizhong,Li ZhixiangHuang Shizhong, Li Zhixiang
  1989,1(2):48-53 [Abstract(3029)]  [View PDF]
Effects of simulated acid rain on saplings of Pinus massoniana and Cunninghamia lanceolata
  Shan Yuenfeng,Feng ZongweiFeng Zongwei, Shan Yuenfeng
  1989,1(2):54-59 [Abstract(2238)]  [View PDF]
Study on the decolorization of dyes by microorganisms
  Xian Haijun,Yang HuifangXian Haijun, Yang Huifang
  1989,1(2):60-68 [Abstract(2466)]  [View PDF]
Application of closed-vessel microwave digestion method for the determination of multi-elements in environmental samples by sequential ICP-AES
  Xu Liqiang,Shen Wangxing,Zhu JingfangShen Wangxing, Xu Liqiang, Zhu Jingfang
  1989,1(2):69-75 [Abstract(2414)]  [View PDF]
Water quality modelling of Dapeng Bay, China
  Zhan XiaoyongZhan Xiaoyong
  1989,1(2):76-80 [Abstract(2357)]  [View PDF]
Prediction and coordination of the man-environment system—a case study in Jiaozuo City
  Sun Benjing,Liu Peitong,Wang HuadongLiu Peitong, Sun Benjing, Wang Huadong
  1989,1(2):81-90 [Abstract(2189)]  [View PDF]
A regional environmental management information system for Chinese EPA—the system analysis and design
  Situ Wei,Cheng Shengtong,Zhang Xin,Long Peixiang,Liu HongbinCheng Shengtong, Liu Hongbin, Long Peixiang, Situ Wei, Zhang Xin
  1989,1(2):91-97 [Abstract(2237)]  [View PDF]
Fate of the herbicide metolachlor in aerobic and anaerobic soils
  Zhang RenwuZhang Renwu
  1989,1(2):98-103 [Abstract(2222)]  [View PDF]
Zeeman graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometric determination of eight life elements in human blood samples
  Zhao Jin,Jiang Shougui (S. G. Jiang),Chen Shikun,Jiang DesenChen Shikun, Jiang Desen, Jiang Shougui (S. G. Jiang), Zhao Jin
  1989,1(2):104-108 [Abstract(2232)]  [View PDF]
Synchronous fluorescence technique and its use in identification of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in urine samples
  Zhao Zhenhua,Quan WenyiQuan Wenyi, Zhao Zhenhua
  1989,1(2):109-115 [Abstract(2379)]  [View PDF]
Determination of dissolved selenium species in environmental samples
  Wang Zijian,Peng AnPeng An, Wang Zijian
  1989,1(2):116-121 [Abstract(2267)]  [View PDF]

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