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Ecological assessment of cities-procedure and a case study
  Xu Songling and Guo Jingnan
  1990,2(1):1-15 [Abstract(2053)]  [View PDF]
The model test of leaching behaviour of trifluralin, lindane and aldicarb through the plough layer in three types of soil
  Wang Jinhai,Zhang Lianzhong and Dai Guangmao
  1990,2(1):17-25 [Abstract(2046)]  [View PDF]
Status of air pollution in Beijing
  Wu Jin,Wang Anpu,Huang Yanchu,Ma ciguang,Y. Iida,S. Daishima,K. Furuya,T. Kikuchi,H. Matsushita and K. Tanabe
  1990,2(1):27-39 [Abstract(2142)]  [View PDF]
An estimate of the conversion rates of SO2 to SO2-4 and NO2 to HNO3+ NO3- for the evaluation air pollution in Beijing
  Chen Zongliang,Zhang Yang,Wang Yubao,Zhuang Yahui,KazuhikoSakamoto,Katsunori Kimijima,Tadao Suzuki,Masahiro Uchiyama,Yoshikazu Hashimoto,Hisao ohta,Yasuaki maeda,NobutoshiHoriuchi and Shin Suzuki
  1990,2(1):41-48 [Abstract(2246)]  [View PDF]
Sensitivity of soils to acid rain in South China
  Huang Runhua,Yang Rong and Cao Hongfa
  1990,2(1):49-53 [Abstract(1976)]  [View PDF]
Element background levels in soils of Liaohe River Plain
  Wu Yanyu
  1990,2(1):55-73 [Abstract(1945)]  [View PDF]
Effect of the air pollution on atmospheric visibility in Beijing-Tianjin area
  Su Weihan,Zhang Qiupeng,Song Wenzhi,Luo Chao and Yuan Jiwen
  1990,2(1):75-82 [Abstract(2069)]  [View PDF]
Chronotoxicological studies on dichlorphos in mice and humans
  Tong Jian and Feng Zhiying
  1990,2(1):83-89 [Abstract(2039)]  [View PDF]
The kinetic study for reduction of NO by CO over cobalt tetraphenylporphyrin supported on titanium dioxide
  Zhang Hua,Lin Jia and Cao Meiqiu
  1990,2(1):91-97 [Abstract(2159)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of vapor phase organics in air of Beijing, Langfang and Tianjin by capillary GC and GC/MS
  Lai Cong,Wang Dechun,Wei Rurong and Yang Wenxiang
  1990,2(1):99-108 [Abstract(1934)]  [View PDF]
Determination of arsenic in grain and soil by hydride nondispersive atomic fluorescence method
  Ji Weinong and Fan Maomian
  1990,2(1):109-115 [Abstract(2363)]  [View PDF]
A new direction for the development of the paper industry
  Sun Yulin and Sun Xiaogang
  1990,2(1):117-124 [Abstract(1922)]  [View PDF]

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