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Ecological assessment of cities-procedure and a case study
  Xu Songling and Guo JingnanGuo Jingnan, Xu Songling
  1990,2(1):1-15 [Abstract(2156)]  [View PDF]
The model test of leaching behaviour of trifluralin, lindane and aldicarb through the plough layer in three types of soil
  Wang Jinhai,Zhang Lianzhong and Dai GuangmaoDai Guangmao, Wang Jinhai, Zhang Lianzhong
  1990,2(1):17-25 [Abstract(2181)]  [View PDF]
Status of air pollution in Beijing
  Wu Jin,Wang Anpu,Huang Yanchu,Ma ciguang,Y. Iida,S. Daishima,K. Furuya,T. Kikuchi,H. Matsushita and K. TanabeH. Matsushita, Huang Yanchu, K. Furuya, K. Tanabe, Ma ciguang, S. Daishima, T. Kikuchi, Wang Anpu, Wu Jin, Y. Iida
  1990,2(1):27-39 [Abstract(2259)]  [View PDF]
An estimate of the conversion rates of SO2 to SO2-4 and NO2 to HNO3+ NO3- for the evaluation air pollution in Beijing
  Chen Zongliang,Zhang Yang,Wang Yubao,Zhuang Yahui,KazuhikoSakamoto,Katsunori Kimijima,Tadao Suzuki,Masahiro Uchiyama,Yoshikazu Hashimoto,Hisao ohta,Yasuaki maeda,NobutoshiHoriuchi and Shin SuzukiChen Zongliang, Hisao ohta, Katsunori Kimijima, KazuhikoSakamoto, Masahiro Uchiyama, NobutoshiHoriuchi, Shin Suzuki, Tadao Suzuki, Wang Yubao, Yasuaki maeda, Yoshikazu Hashimoto, Zhang Yang, Zhuang Yahui
  1990,2(1):41-48 [Abstract(2349)]  [View PDF]
Sensitivity of soils to acid rain in South China
  Huang Runhua,Yang Rong and Cao HongfaCao Hongfa, Huang Runhua, Yang Rong
  1990,2(1):49-53 [Abstract(2078)]  [View PDF]
Element background levels in soils of Liaohe River Plain
  Wu YanyuWu Yanyu
  1990,2(1):55-73 [Abstract(2062)]  [View PDF]
Effect of the air pollution on atmospheric visibility in Beijing-Tianjin area
  Su Weihan,Zhang Qiupeng,Song Wenzhi,Luo Chao and Yuan JiwenLuo Chao, Song Wenzhi, Su Weihan, Yuan Jiwen, Zhang Qiupeng
  1990,2(1):75-82 [Abstract(2194)]  [View PDF]
Chronotoxicological studies on dichlorphos in mice and humans
  Tong Jian and Feng ZhiyingFeng Zhiying, Tong Jian
  1990,2(1):83-89 [Abstract(2164)]  [View PDF]
The kinetic study for reduction of NO by CO over cobalt tetraphenylporphyrin supported on titanium dioxide
  Zhang Hua,Lin Jia and Cao MeiqiuCao Meiqiu, Lin Jia, Zhang Hua
  1990,2(1):91-97 [Abstract(2286)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of vapor phase organics in air of Beijing, Langfang and Tianjin by capillary GC and GC/MS
  Lai Cong,Wang Dechun,Wei Rurong and Yang WenxiangLai Cong, Wang Dechun, Wei Rurong, Yang Wenxiang
  1990,2(1):99-108 [Abstract(2069)]  [View PDF]
Determination of arsenic in grain and soil by hydride nondispersive atomic fluorescence method
  Ji Weinong and Fan MaomianFan Maomian, Ji Weinong
  1990,2(1):109-115 [Abstract(2463)]  [View PDF]
A new direction for the development of the paper industry
  Sun Yulin and Sun XiaogangSun Xiaogang, Sun Yulin
  1990,2(1):117-124 [Abstract(2027)]  [View PDF]

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