No.3,1990 Table of Contents

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Ecological construction-An alternative developing way for developing countries
  Wang Rusong,Ouyang Zhiyun and Zhao Qintao
  1990,2(3):1-12 [Abstract(1767)]  [View PDF]
The method on recovery of forest vegetation in degraded ecosystem in tropical and subtropical waste lowland in Guangdong
  Yu Zuoyue and Wang Zhuhao
  1990,2(3):13-25 [Abstract(1988)]  [View PDF]
EflFect of long-term ozone fumigation on growth development and yield of spring wheat in open-top field chamber
  Wang Xunling,Huang Yunzhu and Wang Jing
  1990,2(3):27-34 [Abstract(1870)]  [View PDF]
Chance-constrained programming (CCP)abatement of SO_2 emission for acid deposition control in Liuzhou City
  Hao Jiming,Li Guang,Zhang Yang,Xu Kangfn,Ban Ling,Wen Weimin,Yang Jinlan and Liu Ning
  1990,2(3):35-49 [Abstract(1948)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption and desorption of lanthanum at sulfide mineral surface
  Lin Yuhuan,George W. Bailey and Alan T. Lynch
  1990,2(3):51-66 [Abstract(1814)]  [View PDF]
Water shortage and wastewater reuse
  Wang Jusi
  1990,2(3):67-78 [Abstract(1845)]  [View PDF]
Analysis and assessment of Chinese eco-environmental situation
  Niu Wenyuan
  1990,2(3):79-85 [Abstract(1939)]  [View PDF]
Application of recording films of solar radiation for environmental and ecological research
  1990,2(3):87-98 [Abstract(1810)]  [View PDF]
Geographical differentiation of selenium concentration in hair from children and youngsters in China
  Wang Mingyuan
  1990,2(3):99-105 [Abstract(2051)]  [View PDF]
Study of multiresidue analytical method for organonitrogen and organophosphorus pesticides in soil and water
  Huang Shizhong,Zhang Junting,Li Zhixiang and Deng Ping
  1990,2(3):107-114 [Abstract(1924)]  [View PDF]
Interactions of copper,cadmium and molybdenum in buffalo calves:the levels of trace element in blood,urine and tissues
  Zeng Zhiming and Fan Pu
  1990,2(3):115-122 [Abstract(2217)]  [View PDF]
Use of Azotobacter an indicator to detect the toxicity of heavy metals in soils
  Liao Ruizhang,Shen Qiuqin,Jin Lizhi,Shen Shuling,Qian Houyin and Guan Zhensheng
  1990,2(3):123-128 [Abstract(2036)]  [View PDF]

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