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  1990,2(4):2 [Abstract(2041)]  [View PDF]
Influences of greenhouse effect on agricultural production in China
  Gao Suhua,Ding Yihui,Pan Yaru and Zhao ZongciDing Yihui, Gao Suhua, Pan Yaru, Zhao Zongci
  1990,2(4):3-10 [Abstract(2124)]  [View PDF]
Numerous experiments for the impact of warming climate on the phenology and grain yield of winter wheat
  Zhao Siqiang and ZhangYuZhangYu, Zhao Siqiang
  1990,2(4):11-17 [Abstract(2136)]  [View PDF]
Relationship between structure and aboveground biomass of typical steppe and climate in Inner Mongolia
  Wang YifengWang Yifeng
  1990,2(4):19-30 [Abstract(2282)]  [View PDF]
Effects of drought climate on the photosynthesis of Aneurolepidium chinense community in the typical steppe region of Inner Mongolia
  Qi Qiuhui and Sheng XiuwuQi Qiuhui, Sheng Xiuwu
  1990,2(4):31-37 [Abstract(2145)]  [View PDF]
Effects of temperature on population growth and intake of food by the army worm, Mythimna separata (Walker)
  Li Xiuzhen,Wu Kunjun and Gong PeiyuGong Peiyu, Li Xiuzhen, Wu Kunjun
  1990,2(4):39-44 [Abstract(2330)]  [View PDF]
Effects of fluoride on growth and reproduction of the army worm, Mythimna separata (Walker)
  Gong Peiyu,Li Xiuzhen,Wu Kunjun,Shu Jianmin and Cao HongfaCao Hongfa, Gong Peiyu, Li Xiuzhen, Shu Jianmin, Wu Kunjun
  1990,2(4):45-50 [Abstract(2320)]  [View PDF]
Secondary effect of SO2 pollution: enhanced growth of the army worm, Mythimna separata (Walker)
  Wu Kunjun,Gong Peiyu,Li Xiuzhen,Shu Jianmin and Cao HongfaCao Hongfa, Gong Peiyu, Li Xiuzhen, Shu Jianmin, Wu Kunjun
  1990,2(4):51-60 [Abstract(2101)]  [View PDF]
A preliminary study on simplified simulation model of spring wheat growth
  Wang Futang,Wang Shili,Li Youwen and Guo YousanGuo Yousan, Li Youwen, Wang Futang, Wang Shili
  1990,2(4):61-71 [Abstract(2034)]  [View PDF]
Sensitivity experiments and assessment of climatic changes in China induced by greenhouse effect
  Zhao Zongci and Ding YihuiDing Yihui, Zhao Zongci
  1990,2(4):73-84 [Abstract(2186)]  [View PDF]
A primary study of nitrous oxide emission in agriculture region of Northern China
  Su Weihan,Song Wenzhi,Zhang Hua,Cao Meiqiu,Lu Hongrong and Zhou QuanCao Meiqiu, Lu Hongrong, Song Wenzhi, Su Weihan, Zhang Hua, Zhou Quan
  1990,2(4):85-94 [Abstract(2221)]  [View PDF]
Radiative dryness index and potential productivity of vegetation in China
  Zhang Xinshi (Chang Hsin-shih) and Yang DiananYang Dianan, Zhang Xinshi (Chang Hsin-shih)
  1990,2(4):95-109 [Abstract(2180)]  [View PDF]
Effects of nuclear chimney on climate
  Gao Suhua,Ding Yihui,Pan Yaru and Zhang QingchenDing Yihui, Gao Suhua, Pan Yaru, Zhang Qingchen
  1990,2(4):111-116 [Abstract(2113)]  [View PDF]

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