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  1991,3(4):3-4 [Abstract(1778)]  [View PDF]
A new hypothesis for the etiology of Kaschin-Beck disease
  Peng An,Wang Zijian,Wang Wenhua,Yang Chunlin
  1991,3(4):5-14 [Abstract(1963)]  [View PDF]
Role of interaction between selenium and organic matters on causes of Kaschin-Beck disease
  Wang Zijian,Xu Langqiu,Li Hu,Peng Bing,Rui Haifeng,Wang Wenhua,Peng An
  1991,3(4):15-28 [Abstract(2083)]  [View PDF]
Studies on metabolic extract of Altemaria alternata and toxicity
  Tang Jiajun (Tang Chiachun),Hu Xintong
  1991,3(4):29-34 [Abstract(1976)]  [View PDF]
Research on organic matters in the drinking water of Kaschin-Beck disease area
  Wang Wenhua,Yang Chunlin,Qi Ruiming,Wang Zijian,Peng An
  1991,3(4):35-47 [Abstract(1857)]  [View PDF]
The damage effects of oxy free radicals and fulvic acid on chondrocytes
  Zhang Fahao,Wang Kui,Xu Shanjin
  1991,3(4):48-54 [Abstract(1869)]  [View PDF]
The oxidation damage of type II collagen by oxy free radicals and fulvic acid
  Wang Chunxia,Wang Kui,Xu Shanjin,Zhang Fahao
  1991,3(4):55-59 [Abstract(1801)]  [View PDF]
The crystal growth of hydroxyapatite in presence of collagens
  Zhang Fahao,Wang Chunxia,Wang Kui,Xu Shanjin
  1991,3(4):60-66 [Abstract(2045)]  [View PDF]
A retrospective survey on the effect of Kaschin-Beck disease prophylaxis by a change of water sources
  Hou Xiang,Zhai Shusheng,Han Jingyuan,Xu Wei,Kong Xianzhe
  1991,3(4):67-71 [Abstract(1964)]  [View PDF]
The epidemic characteristics of Kaschin-Beck disease (KBD) in different eco-environments
  Zhai Shusheng,Xu Wei,Hou Xiang,Hu Ruiguang,Liu Guangsheng,Zhang Siwei
  1991,3(4):72-78 [Abstract(2020)]  [View PDF]
The roles of organic degradation products andselenium in the pathogenesis ofKaschin-Beck disease
  Wang Weizhe,Feng Lanfei,Ren Hongwei,Wang Xiaoying
  1991,3(4):79-86 [Abstract(1796)]  [View PDF]
Study on the action and mechanism of humic acids in Kaschin-Beck disease
  Wang Weizhe,Yang Zhiwei,You Shengzhi
  1991,3(4):87-94 [Abstract(1928)]  [View PDF]
Humic acid and free radical in environment of Kaschin-Beck disease areas
  Ren Shufen,Zhang Xuelin,Li Wencheng,Wang Wensheng,Wang Jinda,Wang Wenjun,Zhang Yuxia
  1991,3(4):95-101 [Abstract(2012)]  [View PDF]
Study on correlation between humic acid and selenium in Kaschin-Beck disease areas
  Zhang Xuelin,Ren Shufen,Li Wencheng,Wang Wensheng,Wang Jinda,Wang Wenjun,Zhang Yuxia
  1991,3(4):102-107 [Abstract(2028)]  [View PDF]
The hierarchy and spatial characteristics of ecosystems: A reconsideration of the ecosystem concept (II)
  Xu Songling,A. D. Bradshaw
  1991,3(4):108-120 [Abstract(1955)]  [View PDF]

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