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Coping with the environmental effects of point-source discharges
  John CaimsJr.,B. R. Niederlehner
  1992,4(1):1-9 [Abstract(1918)]  [View PDF]
Effects of atmospheric gases on terrestrial plants and critical levels of air pollution
  1992,4(1):10-14 [Abstract(2131)]  [View PDF]
An interactive simulation model of urban ecosystem and its implementation
  Lu Yonglong,Yang Bangjie,Wang Rusong
  1992,4(1):15-22 [Abstract(2310)]  [View PDF]
Reed-wetland beds for municipal wastewater treatment
  Tang Yunping,Mi Ruilan,Zhao Jinling,Shen Weiran,Tian Shuhui
  1992,4(1):23-31 [Abstract(2179)]  [View PDF]
Quantitation of metallothionein and cadmium in metallothionein in mink livers by anion-exchange HPLC-GFAAS method
  Shan Xiaoquan,Sun Peng,Zheng Yan,Jin Longzhu,Xu Weibing
  1992,4(1):32-38 [Abstract(2064)]  [View PDF]
Are chaos and catastrophe theories relevant to environmental sciences?
  John Kaihong KAM
  1992,4(1):39-42 [Abstract(2120)]  [View PDF]
Study of prediction for groundwater contamination in wastewater land treatment system
  Liu Zhaochang,Liu Xiang,Zhu Kun
  1992,4(1):43-51 [Abstract(2053)]  [View PDF]
Modern sea level changes of the Eastern China Seas and their influences on coastal areas
  Liu Zhenxia
  1992,4(1):52-59 [Abstract(2178)]  [View PDF]
Studies on crop growth modelling and simulation models in China
  Wang Shili,Wang Futang
  1992,4(1):60-65 [Abstract(2382)]  [View PDF]
Study on the proposed environmental guidelines for Cd, Hg, Pb and As in soil of China
  Wu Yanyu,Tian Junliang,Zhou Qixing
  1992,4(1):66-73 [Abstract(2159)]  [View PDF]
Metabolism of N-phenyl-2-naphthylamine andN-phenyl-1-naphthylamine by rat hepaticmicrosomes and hepatocytes
  Xue Xuanxian,Thomas Wolff
  1992,4(1):74-83 [Abstract(2420)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of organic compounds in coal gasification wastewater
  Wang Jusi,Zhao Lihui
  1992,4(1):84-96 [Abstract(2088)]  [View PDF]
Photocatalytic decolourization of reactive dyes
  You Daoxin,Xie Huasheng,Dai Shugui
  1992,4(1):97-105 [Abstract(2134)]  [View PDF]
A complete set of procedure for determination of multiresidue of pesticides in vegetables
  Yao Jianren,Wang Zhengguo,Jiao Shuzhen,Zheng Yongquan,Zhao Jing,Gao Xiwu,T. T. Liang
  1992,4(1):106-116 [Abstract(2003)]  [View PDF]
The ways to prevent pollution of the pulp and paper industry in China
  Yan Hongbang
  1992,4(1):117-122 [Abstract(2080)]  [View PDF]
Division of Geography SciencesDepartment of Earth SciencesNational Natural Science Foundation of ChinaThe approval projects on field of environmental sciences (1991)
  1992,4(1):123-124 [Abstract(1592)]  [View PDF]
Beautiful scenery of Huanglong
  1992,4(1):125-126 [Abstract(1686)]  [View PDF]
Impact of Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilizer on N2O Emission from Different Soils
  JIAO Yan,HUANG Yao,ZONG Liang-gang,ZHOU Quan-suo and Ronald L.Sass
  1992,4(1):2094-2098 [Abstract(2848)]  [View PDF]

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