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  1992,4(2):2-3 [Abstract(1492)]  [View PDF]
  1992,4(2):4 [Abstract(1455)]  [View PDF]
A case tudy of shallow and eutrophic lakes in China
  Yin Chengqing,Henz Bemhardt
  1992,4(2):5-16 [Abstract(2031)]  [View PDF]
The nutrient budget of Chaohu Lake
  Wei Aixue,Zhao Guodong,Yin Chengqing
  1992,4(2):17-26 [Abstract(1763)]  [View PDF]
Nonpoint source nutrient Ioad from a subcatchm ent with a rice cultivation and m ultipond system
  Jin Weigen,Zhao Ming,Lan Zhiwen,Yin Chengqing
  1992,4(2):27-41 [Abstract(1993)]  [View PDF]
Model concepts for the sim ulation of the water and nutrient dynam ics in catchm ents with rice cultivation
  Bernd Diekkrager
  1992,4(2):42-53 [Abstract(2071)]  [View PDF]
Inlake algal bloom control with enclosure ecosystem bags
  Lan Zhiwen,Jin Weigen,Zhao M ing,Yin Chengqing
  1992,4(2):54-63 [Abstract(2023)]  [View PDF]
Using rem ote sensed data and G IS technique to estimate surface chlorophyll-a of Chaohu Lake
  Cheng Chengqi,Yin Chengqing
  1992,4(2):64-72 [Abstract(1757)]  [View PDF]
Soil erosion and lake eutrophication-The case of Chaohu Lake
  0tmar Seuffert
  1992,4(2):73-80 [Abstract(1889)]  [View PDF]
Study of primary production of phytoplankton and the environmental factors in C haohu Lake water
  Du Xiuying,Li Yuxian
  1992,4(2):81-85 [Abstract(2032)]  [View PDF]
Organic contam ination in the drinking water from Clmohu Lake
  Wei Aixue,Zhao Guodong
  1992,4(2):86-94 [Abstract(1872)]  [View PDF]
Water and matter dynamic balance in the rite field and its overflow estimate model
  Jin Weigen,Yin Chengqing
  1992,4(2):95-101 [Abstract(1825)]  [View PDF]
The ecological environm ent and fishery adm inistration of C haohu Lake
  Wu Xiancheng
  1992,4(2):102-111 [Abstract(1973)]  [View PDF]
Effect of water pollution on the northwest part of Chaohu Lake
  Zhu Xinru,Sun Sien,Yao Weixi,He Fenzhu,Liu Xiufen,Wang Dali
  1992,4(2):112-113 [Abstract(2054)]  [View PDF]
Regional ecosystem analysis of C haohu Lake and its surroundings
  Yin Chengqing,Lan Zhiwen,Zhao Ming,Jin Weigen
  1992,4(2):114-128 [Abstract(1873)]  [View PDF]

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