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  1992,4(3):2 [Abstract(1567)]  [View PDF]
  1992,4(3):3 [Abstract(1434)]  [View PDF]
UNESCO MAB Cooperative Ecological Research Project on Heavy Metal Pollution and Its Ecological Effects
  Liu Jingyi,Tang Hongxiao,German Müller
  1992,4(3):4-13 [Abstract(1982)]  [View PDF]
Charac teristics of acid mine drainage of Dexing C opper Mine
  Dai Zhaohua,Wang Zhihai
  1992,4(3):14-23 [Abstract(2189)]  [View PDF]
Simula tion experiment of pyritic wastestone wea thering
  Dai Zhaohua,Wang Zhihai
  1992,4(3):24-28 [Abstract(1897)]  [View PDF]
Model for sulfide weathering in pyritic wastestone
  Dai Zhaohua,Wang Zhihai
  1992,4(3):29-35 [Abstract(1975)]  [View PDF]
General survey of metal pollution in Dawu River at Dexing C opper Mine
  Tang Hongxiao,Luan Zhaokun,Cao Fucang,Tian Baozhen
  1992,4(3):36-41 [Abstract(2013)]  [View PDF]
Chemical processes of acid mine drainage in the aquatic system of c opper mine area
  Luan Zhaokun,Tang Hongxiao,Cao Fucang
  1992,4(3):42-48 [Abstract(1891)]  [View PDF]
Neutralization and flocculation of acid mine drainage with alkaline ore tailing suspension
  Luan Zhaokun,Tang H ongxiao,R.Klute,H.H.Hahn
  1992,4(3):49-57 [Abstract(2205)]  [View PDF]
Chemical speciation of pollutants in waters of Dexing Copper Mine area by using chemical equilibrium modeI-MINTEQA2
  Chen Ming,Tang Hongxiao,Luan Zhaokun
  1992,4(3):58-67 [Abstract(1976)]  [View PDF]
Distribution of pollutants in Le An River
  Mao M eizhou,Liu Zihui,Dong Huiru,Wang Huaijin,Shi Shaoxin,Lin Zhenhuang,Peng Xiren
  1992,4(3):68-71 [Abstract(1917)]  [View PDF]
Distribution and speciation of metals in sediments along Le An River
  Mao Meizhou,Liu Zihui,Dong Huiru,Wang Huaijin,Shi Shaoxin,Lin Zhenhuang,Peng Xiren
  1992,4(3):72-81 [Abstract(2006)]  [View PDF]
Distribution and speciation of heavy metals in sediments at Caijiawan region
  Mao Meizhou,Liu Zihui,Dong Huiru,Liu Jingyi,SchimitzW.,RamezaniN.,MüilerG.
  1992,4(3):82-87 [Abstract(1850)]  [View PDF]
Heavy metal pollution of aquatic sediments in the Le An River-P oyang Lake area
  SchmitzW.,RamezaniN.,Mao Meizhou,Wang Zhihai
  1992,4(3):88-90 [Abstract(2091)]  [View PDF]
Impacts of acid mine drainage on water quailty of Le An River-Poyang Lake area
  Lin Yuhuan,Li Qi,Zou Guoqiang,Shi Shaoxin
  1992,4(3):91-99 [Abstract(1899)]  [View PDF]
Study on the heavy metal speciation modeling in aquatic system of Le An River
  Lin Yuhuan,Li Qi
  1992,4(3):100-108 [Abstract(1845)]  [View PDF]
Impacts of mining activity on algae in Le An River
  Zhu Naikai,Xia Xijuan,Wang Huaijin,Wang Wenhua
  1992,4(3):109-115 [Abstract(1950)]  [View PDF]
Study on toxicity of wastewa ter from mining activities on some biota
  Zhu Nankai,Xia Xijuan,Wang Huaijin and Lin Zhenhuang
  1992,4(3):116-123 [Abstract(1913)]  [View PDF]

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