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Assessing the impact of air pollution sources in Hong Kong, a densely populated city
  Feng Yingsheng (Y. S. Fung)
  1993,5(1):1-15 [Abstract(1850)]  [View PDF]
Techno-economic analysis of municipal wastewater land treatment systems in China
  Huang Chuyu,Ou Ziqing
  1993,5(1):16-22 [Abstract(2059)]  [View PDF]
Climatic change and urbanization effect in China
  Zhao Zongci
  1993,5(1):23-29 [Abstract(2019)]  [View PDF]
Prediction of aqueous solubility of PCBs based on molecular structure
  Huang Guolan,Song Rengao,Dai Shugui
  1993,5(1):30-36 [Abstract(1778)]  [View PDF]
Study of elemental distribution in soil on the loess plateau of China
  Tian Junliang,Li Yaqi,Liu Puling
  1993,5(1):37-44 [Abstract(1823)]  [View PDF]
Influences of climate change on dry matter accumulating velocity of spring wheat and numerical simulation in arid and semi-arid regions
  Gao Suhua,Guo Jianping,Pan Yaru,Dong Yongxiang,Guo Yujia
  1993,5(1):45-53 [Abstract(1865)]  [View PDF]
Synthesis, separation and identification of dinitropyrene isomers
  Wang Hai,Li Baoqin,Xu Weibing,Jin Zuliang,Xu Xiaobai
  1993,5(1):54-62 [Abstract(1786)]  [View PDF]
Renovated water reuse for rapid infiltration system
  Li Ruqi,Duan Zhenbo,Gao Erjing,Wu Xueqing
  1993,5(1):63-67 [Abstract(1779)]  [View PDF]
Plug-flow/dispersion model of longitudinal dispersion
  Zhou Kezhao
  1993,5(1):67-75 [Abstract(1830)]  [View PDF]
Determination of atmospheric concentrations of halocarbons in Beijing area
  Wang Shaobin,Peng Lixin,Tang Xiaoyan
  1993,5(1):76-82 [Abstract(1883)]  [View PDF]
Microorganisms desulfurization of coal
  Zhong Huifang,Li Yaqin
  1993,5(1):83-89 [Abstract(1784)]  [View PDF]
To take a clean technology as a strategy for pollution control in industry
  Shi Qing,Liu Xishu
  1993,5(1):90-98 [Abstract(1751)]  [View PDF]
Determination of total arsenic by photo-decomposition of organoarsenic compounds and hydride generation electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry
  Han Hengbin,Liu Yanbing,Zhang Shuzhen,Ni Zheming
  1993,5(1):99-107 [Abstract(1907)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic pursuing ecological model concerning the nitrogen cycle in the environment of Chinese mainland
  Kang Demeng,Chen Liding
  1993,5(1):108-123 [Abstract(1888)]  [View PDF]
International Conference on Regional Science in Developing Countries
  1993,5(1):124-126 [Abstract(1463)]  [View PDF]

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