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  1993,5(2):129 [Abstract(1586)]  [View PDF]
Study on climate-vegetation interaction in China
  Zhang Xinshi (Chang Hsinshi),Yang Dianan
  1993,5(2):130-149 [Abstract(1900)]  [View PDF]
Simulated seasonal movement of precipitation zone in rainy season over China and its change on CO2-doubling
  Cao Hongxing
  1993,5(2):150-157 [Abstract(1882)]  [View PDF]
Performances of the cotton bollworm,Heliothis armigera (Hubner) at different temperatures and relative humidities
  Wu Kunjun,Chen Yuping,Li Minghui
  1993,5(2):158-168 [Abstract(2114)]  [View PDF]
The role of atmospheric aerosol composition in climate change
  Su Weihan,Wang Shaobin
  1993,5(2):169-175 [Abstract(2085)]  [View PDF]
Impacts of climate change on wheat development and production in the northern China
  Gao Suhua,Guo Jianping,Pan Yaru
  1993,5(2):176-185 [Abstract(2007)]  [View PDF]
Effects of alternating temperatures on development and reproduction of the armyworm,Mythimna separata (Walker)
  Li Xiuzhen,Wu Kunjun,Gong Peiyu
  1993,5(2):186-193 [Abstract(1981)]  [View PDF]
Numerical experiments for the impacts of temperature and precipitation variation on the growth and development of winter wheat
  Zhang Yu
  1993,5(2):194-200 [Abstract(1899)]  [View PDF]
Impacts of climate change on development rate and production of corn in the northeastern China
  Guo Jianping,Gao Suhua,Pan Yaru
  1993,5(2):201-208 [Abstract(1921)]  [View PDF]
Effect of SO2 on performance of the turnip moth,Agrotis segetum Schiff
  Gong Peiyu,Wu Kunjun,Li Xiuzhen
  1993,5(2):209-215 [Abstract(2274)]  [View PDF]
Biologically effective ultraviolet radiation in Beijing area
  Wang Shaobin,Su Weihan
  1993,5(2):216-223 [Abstract(2209)]  [View PDF]
Effect of atmospheric aerosols on UV-B radiation reaching the ground
  Wang Shaobin,Su Weihan
  1993,5(2):224-229 [Abstract(2020)]  [View PDF]
Climate effects of nuclear war in China
  Cao Hongxing,Wang Yongzhong,Lin Yunmei
  1993,5(2):230-240 [Abstract(1954)]  [View PDF]
Information Environmental sciences update referneces in Chinese journals——Selected from Acta Scientiae Circumstantiae,ISSN 0253-2468;Environental Chemistry,ISSN0254-6108;Acta Ecologica Sinica,ISSN 100-0933
  1993,5(2):241-243 [Abstract(1593)]  [View PDF]
Division of Geography Sciences Department of Earth Sciences National Natural Science Foundation of China The approval projects on field of environmental sciences(1992)
  1993,5(2):244-252 [Abstract(1619)]  [View PDF]
Pollution Characteristic of PAHs in Atmospheric Particles During the Spring Festival of 2007 in Beijing
  LI Xing-ru,GUO Xue-qing,LIU Xin-ran,LIU Chen-shu,ZHANG Shan-shan and WANG Yue-si
  1993,5(2):2099-2104 [Abstract(2466)]  [View PDF]

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