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Prospects for the continued development of environmentally-realistic toxicity test susing microorganisms
  John CairnsJr.,Paul V. McCormick,Scott E. Belanger
  1993,5(3):253-268 [Abstract(1760)]  [View PDF]
Global warming related carbon dioxide abatement proposals
  Jung Sik Koh
  1993,5(3):269-278 [Abstract(1831)]  [View PDF]
Rapid infiltration wastewater treatment for small communities in Beijing
  Li Ruqi,Duan Zhenbo,Wang Sbaotang,Qin Xiaoli
  1993,5(3):279-288 [Abstract(1987)]  [View PDF]
Study on the cytoplasmic incompatibility in some natural population of Culex pipiens complex in China and Japan
  Suenaga Osamu,Liu Weide,Miao Jianwu,Xu Wei
  1993,5(3):289-298 [Abstract(2138)]  [View PDF]
Effect of applying selenium fertilizer to improve soil and increase selenium level in food for prevention and treatment of Kaschin-Beck disease
  Chen Daizhong,Ren Shangxue,Lu Wulong,Li Jiyun,Fan Lihong,Jia Zhenhua,Zhang Fujing,Xu Lijing,Zhang Xuan
  1993,5(3):299-309 [Abstract(1942)]  [View PDF]
Chemical characteristics of cloudwater over Maoer Mountain district
  Yao Rongkui,Bai Yuhua,Chen Shufen,Shao Min,Tang Xiaoyan
  1993,5(3):310-322 [Abstract(1801)]  [View PDF]
Population dynamics on anaerobic sludge granulation in UASB reactors
  Liu Shuangjiang,Hu Jicui,Gu Xiasheng
  1993,5(3):323-335 [Abstract(1765)]  [View PDF]
Determination of trace amounts of chlorinated insecticides and fungicides in ginseng using capillary gas chromatography and 63Ni electron capture detector
  Yao Jianren,Zheng Yongquan,Zhao Jing,Wang Zhengguo,Jiao Shuzhen
  1993,5(3):336-341 [Abstract(2243)]  [View PDF]
Study on pollution and eutrophication in the Chaohu Lake
  Sun Sien,Liu Xiufen
  1993,5(3):342-350 [Abstract(2232)]  [View PDF]
Kinetics of hydrogen peroxide-sulfur (IV) reaction in atmospheric precipitation
  Bai Chunhong,Huang Meiyuan,Shen Zhilai,Shen Ji,Ma Rusen
  1993,5(3):351-366 [Abstract(1941)]  [View PDF]
Kinetic-spectrophotometric determination of free cyanide by stopped-flow reversed flow injection analysis
  Ma Huichang,Liu Jingfu
  1993,5(3):367-372 [Abstract(2243)]  [View PDF]
Current status and strategy of hazardous waste management in China
  Cai Jinlu,Chen Dingmao,Gao Dazhi
  1993,5(3):373-380 [Abstract(1908)]  [View PDF]

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