No.2,1994 Table of Contents

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Striving for efficiency,harmony and vitality─A human ecological approach to urban sustainable development
  Wang Rusong,George W. Hinman
  1994,6(2):129-143 [Abstract(1890)]  [View PDF]
Eco-environmental information system of Tianjin City─Design, implementation and applications
  Hu Xiaolin,Yang Bangjie,Zong Yaoguang,Lu Li
  1994,6(2):144-154 [Abstract(2157)]  [View PDF]
Study on the damage of the “91.7” rainstorm in Sihudrainage area with remote sensing application technique
  Yu Guangming,Chen Ping,Wu Xuejin,Wang Chaonan
  1994,6(2):155-163 [Abstract(1737)]  [View PDF]
Nitrogen removal in sequencing batch reactor
  Wang Fuzhen,Peng Yongzhen,Yu Erjie,Li Baikun,Chen Aifeng
  1994,6(2):164-172 [Abstract(1850)]  [View PDF]
Study on activated carbon in chromium-containingwastewater treatment by XPS
  Yang Jun,Wang Yunxiu,Zhang Yinsheng
  1994,6(2):173-179 [Abstract(1771)]  [View PDF]
Anaerobic biodegradability of terephthalic acid andits inhibitory effect on anaerobic digestion
  Kuang Xin,Wang Jusi
  1994,6(2):180-188 [Abstract(1889)]  [View PDF]
A numerical experiment for the simulating effects ofKuwait oil fire and volcanoes in Philippines andJapan on the general circulation and climate
  Wang Jian,Zhao Zongci,Sun Churong
  1994,6(2):189-199 [Abstract(1844)]  [View PDF]
Identification and mechanism of formation of certainmutagenic components in the volatile condensatesfrom oxidized and heated edible oils
  Bao Ziping,He Jianquan,Hou Fuzhong
  1994,6(2):200-205 [Abstract(1843)]  [View PDF]
Application of face-graph in heavy metal pollutionassessment in river sediment
  Jia Zhenbang,Zhao Zhijie,Zhang Hui,Zhang Baoquan,Zhao Lihua
  1994,6(2):206-214 [Abstract(1786)]  [View PDF]
Acid-base characterization of foursulfide minerals
  Lin Yuhuan,George W. Bailey,Alan T.Lynch
  1994,6(2):215-223 [Abstract(1979)]  [View PDF]
A comparative study on Canadian and Chinese river basin planning
  Guo Huaicheng,G. Beanlands
  1994,6(2):224-233 [Abstract(1760)]  [View PDF]
Modelling of Lijiang River
  Ye Changnung,Xie Yongnnng,Ma Ruixia,Du Xiuying
  1994,6(2):234-243 [Abstract(1677)]  [View PDF]
Photocatalytic decolorization of dispersol dyes
  You Daoxin,Dai Shugui,Xie Huasheng
  1994,6(2):244-251 [Abstract(1614)]  [View PDF]
Modelling the meteorological influence onthe yellowing of spring wheat leaves
  Wang Futang,Wang Shili,Li YouwenGuo Yousan,Wei Yurong
  1994,6(2):252-259 [Abstract(1746)]  [View PDF]

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