No.3,1994 Table of Contents

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On the determination of nitrous oxide emission factor during biomass burning
  Cao Meiqiu,Zhuang Yahui
  1994,6(3):261-267 [Abstract(2109)]  [View PDF]
Effects of sulfur dioxide on growth,gas exchange rate and leaf sulfur content of massion pine seedlings
  Yang Liang,Takeshi Izuta,Tsumugu Totsuka,Masaaki Yokoyama,Ma Liangqing
  1994,6(3):268-276 [Abstract(2159)]  [View PDF]
Landscape patterns and their evolutions in the suburban ecotone A case study of the eastern suburb of Beijing
  Yang Jurong,Zhang Hongmei,Huang Yi
  1994,6(3):277-286 [Abstract(2060)]  [View PDF]
Carbon dioxide release due to change in land usein China mainland
  Wang Xiaoke,Zhuang Yahui,Feng Zongwei
  1994,6(3):287-295 [Abstract(2016)]  [View PDF]
SRDAAR-QNPP:a computer code system for the real-timedose assessment of an accident releasefor Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant
  Hu Erbang,Wang Han
  1994,6(3):296-309 [Abstract(2270)]  [View PDF]
The global climate change and forest prediction in China
  Jiang Youxu
  1994,6(3):310-321 [Abstract(2255)]  [View PDF]
The research of below-cloud scavengingof rainwater in Guilin City
  Bai Yuhua,Yao Rongkui,Li Xin,Tang Xiaoyan
  1994,6(3):322-329 [Abstract(2264)]  [View PDF]
Compound contamination and secondary ecological effects of Cd and As in soil-alfalfa ecosystems
  Zhou Qixing,Gao Zhengmin
  1994,6(3):330-336 [Abstract(2508)]  [View PDF]
Application of neutron activation analysis in geochemistry and cosmochemistry
  G.M. Kolesov
  1994,6(3):337-346 [Abstract(2367)]  [View PDF]
Soil water characteristics in mountain poplar stand and its benefits to soil and water conservation in loess hilly region
  Wu Qinxiao,Liu Xiangdong,Zhao Hongyan
  1994,6(3):347-354 [Abstract(2218)]  [View PDF]
Lead content of urban soils in China
  Zhang Xuelin,Meng Ke
  1994,6(3):355-360 [Abstract(2147)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation on abundance or deficiency of avai- lable trace elements in soil of middle area in China and the effect of applying trace element fertilizer
  Li Jiyun,Liu Xiudi,Fan Lihong,Tong Yiping,Yang Junhui
  1994,6(3):361-372 [Abstract(1974)]  [View PDF]
Biologically effective radiation of solar ultraviolet radiation and the depletion of stratospheric ozone
  Wang Shaobin,Su Weihan,Wei Dingwen
  1994,6(3):373-381 [Abstract(2143)]  [View PDF]
Effects of Cd2+ on the nucleolus in root tip cells of Allium cepa
  Jiang Wusheng,Liu Donghua,Li Maoxue
  1994,6(3):382-386 [Abstract(2299)]  [View PDF]
Briefing on mercury and methyl mercury in hair of the fishermen living along the Songhua River
  Guan Ming,Qiu Bingyuan,Hu Menglin,Shi Yong,Shi Long,Zhang Juan,Wu Shian,Bo Ping,Li Xinji
  1994,6(3):387-388 [Abstract(2056)]  [View PDF]

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