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On the determination of nitrous oxide emission factor during biomass burning
  Cao Meiqiu,Zhuang YahuiCao Meiqiu, Zhuang Yahui
  1994,6(3):261-267 [Abstract(2232)]  [View PDF]
Effects of sulfur dioxide on growth,gas exchange rate and leaf sulfur content of massion pine seedlings
  Yang Liang,Takeshi Izuta,Tsumugu Totsuka,Masaaki Yokoyama,Ma LiangqingMa Liangqing, Masaaki Yokoyama, Takeshi Izuta, Tsumugu Totsuka, Yang Liang
  1994,6(3):268-276 [Abstract(2265)]  [View PDF]
Landscape patterns and their evolutions in the suburban ecotone A case study of the eastern suburb of Beijing
  Yang Jurong,Zhang Hongmei,Huang YiHuang Yi, Yang Jurong, Zhang Hongmei
  1994,6(3):277-286 [Abstract(2161)]  [View PDF]
Carbon dioxide release due to change in land usein China mainland
  Wang Xiaoke,Zhuang Yahui,Feng ZongweiFeng Zongwei, Wang Xiaoke, Zhuang Yahui
  1994,6(3):287-295 [Abstract(2128)]  [View PDF]
SRDAAR-QNPP:a computer code system for the real-timedose assessment of an accident releasefor Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant
  Hu Erbang,Wang HanHu Erbang, Wang Han
  1994,6(3):296-309 [Abstract(2407)]  [View PDF]
The global climate change and forest prediction in China
  Jiang YouxuJiang Youxu
  1994,6(3):310-321 [Abstract(2360)]  [View PDF]
The research of below-cloud scavengingof rainwater in Guilin City
  Bai Yuhua,Yao Rongkui,Li Xin,Tang XiaoyanBai Yuhua, Li Xin, Tang Xiaoyan, Yao Rongkui
  1994,6(3):322-329 [Abstract(2368)]  [View PDF]
Compound contamination and secondary ecological effects of Cd and As in soil-alfalfa ecosystems
  Zhou Qixing,Gao ZhengminGao Zhengmin, Zhou Qixing
  1994,6(3):330-336 [Abstract(2636)]  [View PDF]
Application of neutron activation analysis in geochemistry and cosmochemistry
  G.M. KolesovG.M. Kolesov
  1994,6(3):337-346 [Abstract(2485)]  [View PDF]
Soil water characteristics in mountain poplar stand and its benefits to soil and water conservation in loess hilly region
  Wu Qinxiao,Liu Xiangdong,Zhao HongyanLiu Xiangdong, Wu Qinxiao, Zhao Hongyan
  1994,6(3):347-354 [Abstract(2347)]  [View PDF]
Lead content of urban soils in China
  Zhang Xuelin,Meng KeMeng Ke, Zhang Xuelin
  1994,6(3):355-360 [Abstract(2253)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation on abundance or deficiency of avai- lable trace elements in soil of middle area in China and the effect of applying trace element fertilizer
  Li Jiyun,Liu Xiudi,Fan Lihong,Tong Yiping,Yang JunhuiFan Lihong, Li Jiyun, Liu Xiudi, Tong Yiping, Yang Junhui
  1994,6(3):361-372 [Abstract(2074)]  [View PDF]
Biologically effective radiation of solar ultraviolet radiation and the depletion of stratospheric ozone
  Wang Shaobin,Su Weihan,Wei DingwenSu Weihan, Wang Shaobin, Wei Dingwen
  1994,6(3):373-381 [Abstract(2253)]  [View PDF]
Effects of Cd2+ on the nucleolus in root tip cells of Allium cepa
  Jiang Wusheng,Liu Donghua,Li MaoxueJiang Wusheng, Li Maoxue, Liu Donghua
  1994,6(3):382-386 [Abstract(2423)]  [View PDF]
Briefing on mercury and methyl mercury in hair of the fishermen living along the Songhua River
  Guan Ming,Qiu Bingyuan,Hu Menglin,Shi Yong,Shi Long,Zhang Juan,Wu Shian,Bo Ping,Li XinjiBo Ping, Guan Ming, Hu Menglin, Li Xinji, Qiu Bingyuan, Shi Long, Shi Yong, Wu Shian, Zhang Juan
  1994,6(3):387-388 [Abstract(2161)]  [View PDF]

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