No.4,1994 Table of Contents

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From economic prosperity to ecological sustainability──A theoretical and practical concern of sustainable development in China
  Wang Rusong,Hu Dan
  1994,6(4):389-401 [Abstract(2067)]  [View PDF]
A comparative assessment of alternative approaches to sustainable development
  Pan Jiahua
  1994,6(4):402-411 [Abstract(2231)]  [View PDF]
Population growth, economic growth, technology changes in relation to environmental changes──A theoretical modelling analysis of environmental changes
  Hu Angang
  1994,6(4):412-421 [Abstract(2045)]  [View PDF]
Yellow River Valley flood and drought disaster:spatial-temporal distribution predictionand early-warning
  Gao Lin,Sha Wanying,Liu Huaiquan,Yang Xinhai
  1994,6(4):422-431 [Abstract(1967)]  [View PDF]
Emergy evaluation of the environment and economy of Hong Kong
  Lan Shengfang,Howard T. Odum
  1994,6(4):432-439 [Abstract(2169)]  [View PDF]
An approach to the influence of industrial structure on urban ecological environment
  Cui Fengjun,Ru Jiang,Xu Yunlin
  1994,6(4):440-448 [Abstract(1949)]  [View PDF]
Ecological niche suitability model with an application in Taojiang land use planning
  Ouyang Zhiyun,Weisman Jason,Wang Rusong,Fu Guinan
  1994,6(4):449-456 [Abstract(2280)]  [View PDF]
Metbodology of environmental impact assessment for regional development
  Zhu Tan,Chen Wei
  1994,6(4):457-463 [Abstract(2144)]  [View PDF]
Rural development with environmental sustainability
  Lu Yonglong,Wang Rusong
  1994,6(4):464-470 [Abstract(1948)]  [View PDF]
Technological system for sustainable development of Chinese agriculture
  Zhang Renwu,Ji Wenying,Zhang Tong,Sun Hongliang
  1994,6(4):471-477 [Abstract(1891)]  [View PDF]
A human-ecology approach to environmental design──An integrative human-ecology design derived from Chinese agricultural culture experiences
  Hu Dan
  1994,6(4):478-486 [Abstract(2158)]  [View PDF]
Resourceful ecological treatment of wastewater in urban ecosystem
  Song Yufang,Sun Tieheng,Gong Ping,Chang Zhijun
  1994,6(4):487-495 [Abstract(2128)]  [View PDF]
A method of analysis of macro water environmental systems
  Bao Jingling,Yang Baochen,Zhang Shiying
  1994,6(4):496-503 [Abstract(1797)]  [View PDF]
Environmental factors affecting growth of grasses,herbs and woody plants on a sanitary landfill
  Lan Chongyu,Wong Minghung
  1994,6(4):504-513 [Abstract(2174)]  [View PDF]
PBDEs Pollution in the Atmosphere of a Typical E-waste Dismantling Region
  CHEN Duo-hong,LI Li-ping,BI Xin-hui,ZHAO Jin-ping and SHENG Guo-ying
  1994,6(4):2105-2110 [Abstract(3095)]  [View PDF]

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