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Recovery and chemical utilization of carbon dioxidefrom fossil-fuel burning industrial sources
  Yin Xiaolong
  1995,7(2):129-137 [Abstract(1984)]  [View PDF]
Nuclear power development and radiationsafety control in China
  Hu Erbang
  1995,7(2):138-145 [Abstract(1961)]  [View PDF]
A test method for determining biodegradabilityof organic substances
  Mai Wenning,Jiang Zhanpeng,Gu Xiasheng
  1995,7(2):146-150 [Abstract(1978)]  [View PDF]
Diatomaceous silica filter aid filtration for the effectiveseparation of colloidal Cr(OH)3 precipitatefrom tanning wastewater
  Zhao Youcai,Xi Diming,Chen Shaowei
  1995,7(2):151-156 [Abstract(2159)]  [View PDF]
Chemical behavior and risk assessment of four pesticidesin soil and water
  Jiang Xiliu,Hua Xiaomei
  1995,7(2):157-162 [Abstract(1900)]  [View PDF]
Determination of environmental pollutants bythermal lens method
  Zhang Yue,Deng Guohong,Li Changlin
  1995,7(2):163-166 [Abstract(1970)]  [View PDF]
A diagnostic experiment of the influence of CO2 on winter wheat
  Wang Chunyi,Bai Yueming,Wen Min
  1995,7(2):167-175 [Abstract(1953)]  [View PDF]
Investigation of interactive effects of acid fogand ozone on spruce seedlings
  Zou Siwei,Zhu Lianxi,B. Prinz
  1995,7(2):176-182 [Abstract(1879)]  [View PDF]
Quantitative structure - activity study on the reductivedehalogenation potency of the halogenated aromatics
  Huang Qingguo,Wang Liansheng,Han Shuokui
  1995,7(2):183-189 [Abstract(1983)]  [View PDF]
Effects of Ca2+ ions antagonistic to Al3+ ions poisoningin root growth , cell division and nucleolusin root tip cells of Allium cepa
  Liu Donghua,Jiang Wusheng,Li Kunzhang
  1995,7(2):190-197 [Abstract(2130)]  [View PDF]
Influence of pesticides and alfalfa on soilbiological properties
  Ma Ruixia,Sun Sien,R. HantschelF. Beese
  1995,7(2):198-203 [Abstract(1883)]  [View PDF]
Features and mechanism for coagulation - flocculationprocesses of polyaluminum chloride
  Tang Hongxiao,Luan Zhaokun
  1995,7(2):204-211 [Abstract(2050)]  [View PDF]
Relationship between bioaccumulation, distribution of METand lipid content of aquatic organisms
  Liu Zhengtao,Zhou Fengfan,Jin Hongjun
  1995,7(2):212-217 [Abstract(1871)]  [View PDF]
Determination of butyltin compounds in sedimentsby gas chromatography with flamephotometric detector
  Xu Fuzheng,Zan Jun,Jiang Guibinx,Han Hengbin
  1995,7(2):218-223 [Abstract(2182)]  [View PDF]
Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonswith supercritical fluid extractionand chromatography (SFE/SFC )
  Yao Weixi,P. Spitzauer,A. Kettrup
  1995,7(2):224-228 [Abstract(2093)]  [View PDF]
New method for determination of arsenic contentin tail gases during semiconductor processing
  Wen Ruimei,Peng Yongqin
  1995,7(2):229-232 [Abstract(1898)]  [View PDF]
Photochemistry of chrysene adsorbedon several types of particle
  Zhong Jinxian,Mauldin R. F.,Dunstan, T. D. T,Sanders, J. K.,HippsA. D.,WehryE. L.,MamantovG
  1995,7(2):233-239 [Abstract(1934)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of distribution of heavy metals insediment of Le An River
  Li Qi,Chen Shiming,A. Yahya,Lin Yuhuan
  1995,7(2):240-245 [Abstract(1873)]  [View PDF]
Relationship between oil fume mutagens in ambient airand the deterioration of heated edible oils
  Bao Ziping,He Jianqun,Hou Fuzhong
  1995,7(2):246-250 [Abstract(2183)]  [View PDF]

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