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Adsorption of herbicide triclopyr on homoionic clays
  Liu Weiping,Alba Pusino,Fang Zhuo,Carlo GessaAlba Pusino, Carlo Gessa, Fang Zhuo, Liu Weiping
  1995,7(4):285-390 [Abstract(2297)]  [View PDF]
Measurement of respiration amount of white birch(Betula platyphylla) population in the mountainousregion of Beijing
  Fang Jingyun,Wang XiaokeFang Jingyun, Wang Xiaoke
  1995,7(4):391-398 [Abstract(1961)]  [View PDF]
Effect of organic acid on Cd toxicityin tomato and bean growth
  Xue Dongsen,Robert B. Harrison,Charles L. HenryCharles L. Henry, Robert B. Harrison, Xue Dongsen
  1995,7(4):399-406 [Abstract(1914)]  [View PDF]
ELISA of polyclonal antibody to fish MT and study on heavy metal tolerance in fish
  Wang Yingyan,Ren Hongwei,Wang Wenqing,Pan Aihua,Li Lingyuan,Ru BinggenLi Lingyuan, Pan Aihua, Ren Hongwei, Ru Binggen, Wang Wenqing, Wang Yingyan
  1995,7(4):407-413 [Abstract(2251)]  [View PDF]
Investigations on simultaneous determination of silverand mercury in catalytic-ligand substitutionreaction with stopped - flow techniquecalibrated by synergistic effect
  Wang Jianhuax,Wang Jianhua,He RonghuanHe Ronghuan, Wang Jianhua, Wang Jianhuax
  1995,7(4):414-421 [Abstract(2088)]  [View PDF]
Background contents of heavy metals in sediments of theYangtze River system and their calculation methods
  Zhang Chaosheng,Zhang Shen,Zhang Licheng,Wang LijunWang Lijun, Zhang Chaosheng, Zhang Licheng, Zhang Shen
  1995,7(4):422-429 [Abstract(1978)]  [View PDF]
Study on urban water environmental support capacity
  Guo Huaicheng,Ye WenhuGuo Huaicheng, Ye Wenhu
  1995,7(4):430-434 [Abstract(1997)]  [View PDF]
Biological effects of indoor sunlight in ruraldweling houses
  Chen Guifu,Qiu ShicongChen Guifu, Qiu Shicong
  1995,7(4):435-442 [Abstract(1971)]  [View PDF]
Chlorination of water containing bromide and formationof the bromine - substituted trihalomethanes
  Li Junwen,Yu Zuobin,Chao Fuhuan,Cai XinpeiCai Xinpei, Chao Fuhuan, Li Junwen, Yu Zuobin
  1995,7(4):443-448 [Abstract(2040)]  [View PDF]
Seasonal changes of endogenous ABA and cytokininsin environmental adaptation of differentecotypes of reed plants
  Wang Hongliang,Zhang ChenglieWang Hongliang, Zhang Chenglie
  1995,7(4):449-454 [Abstract(2281)]  [View PDF]
Effects of lead , cadmium , mercury chlorides and aquaticenvironmental samples on the growth of Escherichia coli
  Xu Chao,Yuan Jing,Xu HepingXu Chao, Xu Heping, Yuan Jing
  1995,7(4):455-460 [Abstract(2065)]  [View PDF]
Environmental impact of electromagnetic radiation from the 10 kW medium wave transmitter of Weihai Broadcasting Station
  Wen Congjiang,Lu Deming,Wang Shuquan,Wang Baosheng,Hu BaogeHu Baoge, Lu Deming, Wang Baosheng, Wang Shuquan, Wen Congjiang
  1995,7(4):461-467 [Abstract(1896)]  [View PDF]
Recovery of molybdenum, phosphorus and arsenic fromleaching solution of molybdenum residues by solvent extraction with primary amine and tributylphosphate
  Zhao Youcai,Chen Shaowei,Xu Dimin,Lin MingChen Shaowei, Lin Ming, Xu Dimin, Zhao Youcai
  1995,7(4):468-477 [Abstract(2069)]  [View PDF]
Estimate of ammonia transfer from Lake Dianchi water to the air
  Dai Shugui,Zhuang Yuanyi,Jin Zhaohui,Zhang MingshunDai Shugui, Jin Zhaohui, Zhang Mingshun, Zhuang Yuanyi
  1995,7(4):478-483 [Abstract(1980)]  [View PDF]
Study on gaseous CS2 using laser-induced fluorescence
  Pan Zhe,Zhang Yue,Deng Guohong,Pan Xunxi,Hou Huiqi,Li ChanglinDeng Guohong, Hou Huiqi, Li Changlin, Pan Xunxi, Pan Zhe, Zhang Yue
  1995,7(4):484-490 [Abstract(1826)]  [View PDF]
Have a correct understanding of the attribute of geologicenvironment give full play to the role ofgeoscience in environmental protection
  Ha ChengyouHa Chengyou
  1995,7(4):491-501 [Abstract(2356)]  [View PDF]
Appljcation of the thermal lens effectfor determination of iodide
  Gu Xiaomei,Wang Shunrong,Qin Kexuan,Li jiechunGu Xiaomei, Li jiechun, Qin Kexuan, Wang Shunrong
  1995,7(4):502-505 [Abstract(1897)]  [View PDF]
On the indicator of weak sustainability
  Zhao Jingzhu,Onno Kuik,Huib Jansen,Harmen Verbruggen,Johannes Baptist OpschoorHarmen Verbruggen, Huib Jansen, Johannes Baptist Opschoor, Onno Kuik, Zhao Jingzhu
  1995,7(4):506-510 [Abstract(2126)]  [View PDF]

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