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Macroinvertebrate assemblages of surface mine wetlands of Southwest Virginia,USA
  David H.Jones,Robert B. Atkinson,John CairnsJr.
  1996,8(1):1-14 [Abstract(1838)]  [View PDF]
Nature reserve construction and its contribution to the biodiversity conservation in China mainland
  Jiang Mingkang,Xue Dayuan
  1996,8(1):15-20 [Abstract(1884)]  [View PDF]
Effects of Zn2+ on root growth,cell division, and nucleoli of Allium cepa L.
  Liu Donghua,Jiang Wusheng,Wang Chunli,Zhai Lin
  1996,8(1):21-27 [Abstract(2122)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption characteristics of copper in rivers contaminated by acid mine drainage from copper mine
  Luan Zhaokun,Chen Ming,Tang Hongxiao
  1996,8(1):28-37 [Abstract(1915)]  [View PDF]
Methane emission in a rice field of Thailand
  Rong Xiang,Chuen-How Ng,Su Weihan
  1996,8(1):38-47 [Abstract(1722)]  [View PDF]
Biotic communities of the marine ecosystem in Meizhou Bay
  Ren Jiuchang,Cai Xiaoming,Chen Bin,Li Peng,Chen Zhengjin,Li Jianshen
  1996,8(1):48-56 [Abstract(1766)]  [View PDF]
Determination of polychlorinated biphenyl congeners in environmental samples
  Chu Shaogang,Yang Chun,Xu Xiaobai
  1996,8(1):57-65 [Abstract(1814)]  [View PDF]
Side-effects of organic and inorganic pollutants on soil nitrification and respiration
  Gong Ping,Sun Tieheng,G nter Beudert,Hermann. H. Hahn
  1996,8(1):66-76 [Abstract(1874)]  [View PDF]
Tree ring analysis for determination of pollution history of Chengde City, north China
  Jiang Gaoming
  1996,8(1):77-85 [Abstract(1806)]  [View PDF]
Numerical modeling of radionuclide migration in porous media with nonequilibrium sorption
  Chen Jiajun,Dai Jie,Xu Zhaoyi,Tian Kaiming
  1996,8(1):86-93 [Abstract(1968)]  [View PDF]
Protozoa of Lough Neagh,Northern Ireland,UK
  Xu Muqi,Brian Wood
  1996,8(1):94-102 [Abstract(1995)]  [View PDF]
Genotoxicity of substituted nitrobenzenes and the quantitative structure-activity relationship
  Huang Qingguo,Liu Yongbin,Wang Liansheng,Han Shuokui,Yang Jun
  1996,8(1):103-109 [Abstract(2072)]  [View PDF]
Water pollution control planning for the Taizi River watershed
  Jiang Weigong,Sun Hong,Guo Huaicheng,Song Guojun
  1996,8(1):110-119 [Abstract(1926)]  [View PDF]
Biogeochemical cycles of selenium in Antarctic water
  Xia Weiping,Zhang Haishen,Tan Jianan
  1996,8(1):120-126 [Abstract(1850)]  [View PDF]
  1996,8(1):127-128 [Abstract(1509)]  [View PDF]

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