No.2,1996 Table of Contents

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Using structured systems analysis to design an integrated system for transport planning and environmental analysis
  S. P. LoseeA. L. Brown
  1996,8(2):129-144 [Abstract(1878)]  [View PDF]
Effect of ceria on copper/γ-alumina catalysts for carbon monoxide and n-hexane oxidation
  Jiang Xiaoyuan,Zhou Renxian,Yuan Xianxin,Zheng Xiaoming,Jin Songshou
  1996,8(2):145-150 [Abstract(1950)]  [View PDF]
Toxic effects of selenium on marine fish
  Zhang Yuanxun,R. MoroG. Gialanella
  1996,8(2):151-156 [Abstract(2039)]  [View PDF]
Quantitative structure-activity relationships for studying alkyl (1-phenylsulfonyl) cycloalkane-carboxylates
  He Yibing,Wang Liansheng
  1996,8(2):157-166 [Abstract(1829)]  [View PDF]
Trihalomethanes adsorption on activated carbon fiber
  Li Junwen,Yu Zuobin,Gao Ming,Cai Xinpei,Chao Fuhuan
  1996,8(2):167-172 [Abstract(1890)]  [View PDF]
Concentration level of heavy metals in the Great Wall Bay, Antarctica in austral summer
  Pu Jiabin,Fu Yunna,Li Zhongping
  1996,8(2):173-177 [Abstract(2284)]  [View PDF]
Restoration processes of pollution zones in Hanjiang River
  Shen Yunfen,Tan Yuyun,Feng Weisong,Gu Manru,He Chengying,Li Aiguo
  1996,8(2):178-184 [Abstract(1850)]  [View PDF]
Hydrolytic dynamics of pesticide N'-(2,4-dimethylphenyl) -N-methylformamidine in aquatic solution
  Mo Hanhong,Yang Kewu,An Fengchun,Liu Ye
  1996,8(2):185-190 [Abstract(1936)]  [View PDF]
Removal of heavy metals (Cr6+,Ni2+)from polluted water using decaying leaves of plane (Plantanus orientalis)
  Tan Zhiqun (Tzitschung T. Tahn),Wang Yuanxiang,Yan Guoan
  1996,8(2):191-195 [Abstract(1938)]  [View PDF]
Asphalt fractions in airborne particles from highway traffic and the accumulation in plants
  He Kebin,Hans Mosbaek,Jens Chr. Tjell
  1996,8(2):196-202 [Abstract(1805)]  [View PDF]
Ecological-breaking zone originates and its ecosystems reconstruction in arid area
  Huang Peiyou,Lu Zili
  1996,8(2):203-211 [Abstract(1986)]  [View PDF]
Rapid determination of wastewater COD using Mn(H2PO4)2 as catalyst
  Sun Jianhui,Xia Siqing,Sun Ruixia
  1996,8(2):212-217 [Abstract(2050)]  [View PDF]
Biophoton emission,free radical and toxicity of benzene to aquatic biosystems
  Wang Yingyan,Wang Jiguang,Ma Yuqin,Su Zhen,Zhang Zonglun,Zhao Kejian,Zheng Yanzhen,Liu Chengxiang
  1996,8(2):218-227 [Abstract(2032)]  [View PDF]
Photooxidation of hydrochlorofluocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons initiated by OH radicals
  Zhong Jinxian,Mu Yujing,Yang Wenxiang,Chen Dazhou
  1996,8(2):228-234 [Abstract(1980)]  [View PDF]
Effects of alkaline ameliorator additions on the acidic buffering abilities of aluminum-rich alfisols
  Wu Jiemin,Shao Feng
  1996,8(2):235-241 [Abstract(1955)]  [View PDF]
Serum and urine monitoring of fluoride exposed workers in aluminium smelting factory
  K. Kono,Y. Yoshisda,M. Watanabe,K. Usuda,H. Nagaie,Y. Takahashi,Sun G,Ding G, Hu Y
  1996,8(2):242-248 [Abstract(1916)]  [View PDF]
Soil carbon pool in China and its global significance
  Fang Jingyun,Liu Guohua,Xu Songling
  1996,8(2):249-254 [Abstract(2008)]  [View PDF]

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