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Toxic marine diatoms of Hong Kong:A paleoecological study
  Mike Dickman,Tom Glenwright
  1997,9(1):1-10 [Abstract(2065)]  [View PDF]
Decomposition of gaseous CF2CIBr by cold plasma method
  Deng Guohong,Zhang Yue,Yu Yong,Zou Daozhong,Hou Huiqi,Li Changlin
  1997,9(1):11-19 [Abstract(1975)]  [View PDF]
Acute toxicity of DMAH to Oryzias latipes as modified by some influential factors
  Zhu Jiang,Li Lixin
  1997,9(1):20-26 [Abstract(1849)]  [View PDF]
Function of anaerobic portion in a conventional sequencing batch reactor
  Yu Hangqing,Gu Guowei,Song Lepin
  1997,9(1):27-39 [Abstract(1906)]  [View PDF]
Comprehensive assessment of heavy metal pollution in river and lake sediments using face graph and index of geoaccumulation
  Liu Wenxin,Tang Hongxiao,Luan Zhaokun
  1997,9(1):40-48 [Abstract(2051)]  [View PDF]
Fluxes of NH3 and HNO3 over heathland in the Netherlands:implications for chemical interactions
  Zhang Yuanhang
  1997,9(1):49-58 [Abstract(2029)]  [View PDF]
Heavy metal adsorption on the Le An River sediment —The adsorption model
  Wen Xianghua,Du Oing,Tang Hongxiao
  1997,9(1):59-70 [Abstract(1836)]  [View PDF]
Electrokinetic chemical characteristics of humic and dannic acids effecting on the natural water and its coagulation
  Qu Jiuhui
  1997,9(1):71-79 [Abstract(1853)]  [View PDF]
Flux of dimethylsulfide in the Jiaozhou Bay,China
  Hu Min,Tang Xiaoyan,Li Jinlong,Yu Zhongju
  1997,9(1):80-85 [Abstract(2099)]  [View PDF]
Eco-environmental susceptibility in Shangyi County,Northern Hebei Province,China
  Liu Quanyou,Chen Liding
  1997,9(1):86-94 [Abstract(2127)]  [View PDF]
Decomposition of CF3CI by corona discharge
  Liu Zhengchao,Pan Xunxi,Dong Wenbo,Hou Huiqi,Zhang Zhenman,Hou Jian,Yu Yong,Li Changlin
  1997,9(1):95-99 [Abstract(2041)]  [View PDF]
Correlation relationships of molar refraction and ten topological indices for 47 organotin compounds
  Dai Shugui,Huang Guolan,Sun Hongwen
  1997,9(1):100-107 [Abstract(1997)]  [View PDF]
Allelochemicals and allelopathy from microorganisms in wheat rhizosphers
  Ma Ruixia,Liu Xiufen,Yuan Guanglin,Sun Sien
  1997,9(1):108-112 [Abstract(2009)]  [View PDF]
Seven microcystins from Microcystis waterbloom in Lake Dalai,China
  He Zhenrong,He Jiawan,Yu Minjuan,Qiao Mingye,Shen Zhi,Wu Liandi,Wu Suozhu,Guo Yunfeng,Fumio Kondo,Ken-ichi Harada
  1997,9(1):113-119 [Abstract(2282)]  [View PDF]
Technological paradigm and innovation of EST of SMEs in China
  Lu Yan,Cai Ning
  1997,9(1):120-126 [Abstract(1903)]  [View PDF]
  1997,9(1):127-128 [Abstract(1652)]  [View PDF]

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