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Interpreting sustainable development
  Man Chin Sum,Peter Hills
  1998,10(2):129-143 [Abstract(1824)]  [View PDF]
Investigations on removal of SO2 from flue gas by aerosol formation in pulsed corona discharge process
  Zhao Zhi bin,Liu Ji yong,Yu Cun qing,Li Ji hong
  1998,10(2):144-150 [Abstract(1645)]  [View PDF]
Deriving freshwater quality criteria of sulphocyanic sodium for the protection of aquatic life in China
  Zhang Tong,Zhu Huai lan,Jin Hong-jun
  1998,10(2):151-158 [Abstract(1833)]  [View PDF]
Quantitative extraction of methylgermanium species at trace levels and determination by on-column capillary gas chromatography with flame photometric detector
  Jiang Guibin,Zhang Yu
  1998,10(2):159-168 [Abstract(2258)]  [View PDF]
Solid components and acid buffering capacity of soils in South China
  Qiu Rong-liang,Wu Qing,Zhang Yun-ni
  1998,10(2):169-175 [Abstract(2175)]  [View PDF]
LPWCO method for the treatment of high concentrated organic wastewater
  Yang Runchang,,Zhou Shutian,Shu Minghun
  1998,10(2):176-180 [Abstract(2173)]  [View PDF]
ThreeIndustries and water consumption of Beijing
  Wang Hong-rui,Wang Yan
  1998,10(2):181-188 [Abstract(1890)]  [View PDF]
Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium recycling in an agroforestry ecosystem of Huanghuaihai Plain: with Paulownia elongata intercropped wheat and maize as an example
  Wu Gang
  1998,10(2):189-196 [Abstract(2014)]  [View PDF]
A new O2-microelectrode and its application
  Bai Aimin,Poul Harremoes
  1998,10(2):197-202 [Abstract(1811)]  [View PDF]
Cometabolic degradation of veratryl alcohol and biphenyl by white rot fungus under nitrogen nutrition-rich condition
  Lin Lu,Hu Jian,Zhan Huai-yu
  1998,10(2):203-209 [Abstract(2223)]  [View PDF]
Effect of acidic deposition on productivity of forest ecosystem and estimation of its economic losses in southern suburbs of Chongqing
  Wu Gang
  1998,10(2):210-215 [Abstract(2034)]  [View PDF]
Modelling of the relationship between trace elements and three species of sulfur in coal
  Lu Xiaohua,Zeng Hancai,Wei Lu-xian
  1998,10(2):216-222 [Abstract(1871)]  [View PDF]
A dynamic food-chain model and program for predicting the consequences of nuclear accident
  Hu Er-bang,Gao Zhan-rong,Zhang He-yuan,Wei Wei-qiang
  1998,10(2):223-230 [Abstract(1859)]  [View PDF]
Game theory approach to optimal capital cost allocation in pollution control
  Chen Wen-ying,Hou Dun
  1998,10(2):231-237 [Abstract(2329)]  [View PDF]
Study on the response of wheat to lead, cadmium and zinc
  Meng Ling,Tan De-yong,Wang Huan-xiao,Duan Chang-qong,Duan Pei-Shang,Gao Shang-Yi
  1998,10(2):238-244 [Abstract(1920)]  [View PDF]
Accumulation of heavy metals in two crop seeds due to soil contamination as determined by neutron activation analysis techniques
  M. F. Abdel-Sabour,A. S. Abdel-Haleem,A. Sroor,N. Abdel-Baset,R. A. Zaghloul
  1998,10(2):245-251 [Abstract(2118)]  [View PDF]
The curve of ion exchange ratio(%)-pH of the interaction between suspended particles with Cd(II) in the Yellow River
  Yang Hong-wei,Jiao Xiao-bao,Guo Bo-shu,Yang Yu-ying,Song Zhi-xiang
  1998,10(2):252-256 [Abstract(2344)]  [View PDF]

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