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  1999,11(2):130 [Abstract(1524)]  [View PDF]
Core concepts of landscape ecology
  Xiao Du-ning,Li Xiu-zhen
  1999,11(2):131-135 [Abstract(2778)]  [View PDF]
Integrating landscape ecological principles and land evaluation forsustainable land use
  Fu Bo-jie,Chen Li-ding,He Chan-sheng
  1999,11(2):136-140 [Abstract(1942)]  [View PDF]
Landscape fragmentation by urbanization in the Netherlands:optionsand ecological consequences
  W. Bert. Harms
  1999,11(2):141-148 [Abstract(2187)]  [View PDF]
Ecosystem and biodiversity conservation planning in Hiroshima City,Japan
  Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI,Toshihiro MORIGUCHI
  1999,11(2):149-154 [Abstract(2252)]  [View PDF]
Landscape ecological characteristics in temporal changes of riverside open space in urbanized area
  Shigeru Tanimoto,N. Nakagoshi
  1999,11(2):155-159 [Abstract(1874)]  [View PDF]
Landscape ecological analysis of urban vegetation in Guangzhou, China
  Guan Dong sheng,Wang Li rong,Li Zhen
  1999,11(2):160-166 [Abstract(1884)]  [View PDF]
Landscape planning in an East Asian coastal region: the Hangzhou Bay area, China
  Harvey A. Shapiro
  1999,11(2):167-173 [Abstract(1990)]  [View PDF]
Rural landscape planning case study of Nanhua State Farm
  Zhou Zai zhi
  1999,11(2):174-180 [Abstract(1855)]  [View PDF]
Cause and consequence of landscape fragmentation and changing disturbance by socio economic development in mountain landscape system of South Korea
  Sun Kee Hong
  1999,11(2):181-187 [Abstract(2026)]  [View PDF]
Quantification of spatial structures in two landscape regions
  Kazunobu NOMURA,Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI
  1999,11(2):188-194 [Abstract(1981)]  [View PDF]
Fractal properties of patch perimeters in a disturbed montane landscape, Beijing, China
  Ma Ke ming,Fu Bo jie
  1999,11(2):195-199 [Abstract(1997)]  [View PDF]
Trend surface analysis of forest landscape pattern in Guandishan forest region of Shanxi,China
  Guo Jin ping,Xiao Yang,Zhang Yun xiang,Xiao Du ning
  1999,11(2):200-206 [Abstract(2166)]  [View PDF]
Stability of alpine timberline ecotone on Taibai Mountain,China
  Cui Hai ting,Dai Jun hu,Tang Zhi yao,Huang Yong mei,Cao Yan li
  1999,11(2):207-210 [Abstract(1921)]  [View PDF]
Landscape ecology of the region around Qinghai Lake,Qinghai Province of China based on romote sensing
  Ni Shao xiang,Jiang Jian jun,Wang Jie cheng,Gong Ai qi,Wang Wei jun,F.Voss
  1999,11(2):211-215 [Abstract(1864)]  [View PDF]
Vegetation monitoring using different scale of remote sensing data
  Junko Kunitomo,Yukihiro Morimoto
  1999,11(2):216-220 [Abstract(2002)]  [View PDF]
Application of landscape connectivity in habitat suitability evaluation case study in Wolong Nature Reserve,Sichuan, China
  Chen Li ding,Fu Bo jie
  1999,11(2):221-226 [Abstract(2234)]  [View PDF]
Impacts of land cover change on plant and bird species diversity in Hainan Island,China
  Ouyang Zhi yun,Wang Ru song,Wang Xiao ke,Xiao Han
  1999,11(2):227-230 [Abstract(1964)]  [View PDF]
Behavioral fragmentation of waterfowl habitat and its landscape ecological design in Shuangtai hekou Reserve, Liaoning, China
  Hu Yuan man,Xiao Du ning
  1999,11(2):231-235 [Abstract(1970)]  [View PDF]
Purification function of the natural wetland in the Liaohe Delta
  Li Xiu Zhen,Qu Xiang rong,Wang Lian ping,Zhang Hai rong,Xiao Du ning
  1999,11(2):236-242 [Abstract(2670)]  [View PDF]
Geoecological analysis of the Korea alpine and subalpine plants and lands
  KONG Woo-seok
  1999,11(2):243-246 [Abstract(1896)]  [View PDF]
Degradation problems of the land/water ecotones in China and their ecological impact to water systems
  Yin Cheng qing,Wang Xing
  1999,11(2):247-251 [Abstract(1934)]  [View PDF]
Thermal based functional evaluation of urban park vegetation
  John Bosco NJOROGE,Akihiro NAKAMURA,Yukihiro MORIMOTO
  1999,11(2):252-256 [Abstract(2007)]  [View PDF]

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