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  1999,11(2):130 [Abstract(1617)]  [View PDF]
Core concepts of landscape ecology
  Xiao Du-ning,Li Xiu-zhenLi Xiu-zhen, Xiao Du-ning
  1999,11(2):131-135 [Abstract(2887)]  [View PDF]
Integrating landscape ecological principles and land evaluation forsustainable land use
  Fu Bo-jie,Chen Li-ding,He Chan-shengChen Li-ding, Fu Bo-jie, He Chan-sheng
  1999,11(2):136-140 [Abstract(2047)]  [View PDF]
Landscape fragmentation by urbanization in the Netherlands:optionsand ecological consequences
  W. Bert. HarmsW. Bert. Harms
  1999,11(2):141-148 [Abstract(2314)]  [View PDF]
Ecosystem and biodiversity conservation planning in Hiroshima City,Japan
  1999,11(2):149-154 [Abstract(2366)]  [View PDF]
Landscape ecological characteristics in temporal changes of riverside open space in urbanized area
  Shigeru Tanimoto,N. NakagoshiN. Nakagoshi, Shigeru Tanimoto
  1999,11(2):155-159 [Abstract(1989)]  [View PDF]
Landscape ecological analysis of urban vegetation in Guangzhou, China
  Guan Dong sheng,Wang Li rong,Li ZhenGuan Dong sheng, Li Zhen, Wang Li rong
  1999,11(2):160-166 [Abstract(1997)]  [View PDF]
Landscape planning in an East Asian coastal region: the Hangzhou Bay area, China
  Harvey A. ShapiroHarvey A. Shapiro
  1999,11(2):167-173 [Abstract(2113)]  [View PDF]
Rural landscape planning case study of Nanhua State Farm
  Zhou Zai zhiZhou Zai zhi
  1999,11(2):174-180 [Abstract(1971)]  [View PDF]
Cause and consequence of landscape fragmentation and changing disturbance by socio economic development in mountain landscape system of South Korea
  Sun Kee HongSun Kee Hong
  1999,11(2):181-187 [Abstract(2137)]  [View PDF]
Quantification of spatial structures in two landscape regions
  Kazunobu NOMURA,Nobukazu NAKAGOSHIKazunobu NOMURA, Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI
  1999,11(2):188-194 [Abstract(2099)]  [View PDF]
Fractal properties of patch perimeters in a disturbed montane landscape, Beijing, China
  Ma Ke ming,Fu Bo jieFu Bo jie, Ma Ke ming
  1999,11(2):195-199 [Abstract(2110)]  [View PDF]
Trend surface analysis of forest landscape pattern in Guandishan forest region of Shanxi,China
  Guo Jin ping,Xiao Yang,Zhang Yun xiang,Xiao Du ningGuo Jin ping, Xiao Du ning, Xiao Yang, Zhang Yun xiang
  1999,11(2):200-206 [Abstract(2285)]  [View PDF]
Stability of alpine timberline ecotone on Taibai Mountain,China
  Cui Hai ting,Dai Jun hu,Tang Zhi yao,Huang Yong mei,Cao Yan liCao Yan li, Cui Hai ting, Dai Jun hu, Huang Yong mei, Tang Zhi yao
  1999,11(2):207-210 [Abstract(2041)]  [View PDF]
Landscape ecology of the region around Qinghai Lake,Qinghai Province of China based on romote sensing
  Ni Shao xiang,Jiang Jian jun,Wang Jie cheng,Gong Ai qi,Wang Wei jun,F.VossF.Voss, Gong Ai qi, Jiang Jian jun, Ni Shao xiang, Wang Jie cheng, Wang Wei jun
  1999,11(2):211-215 [Abstract(1967)]  [View PDF]
Vegetation monitoring using different scale of remote sensing data
  Junko Kunitomo,Yukihiro MorimotoJunko Kunitomo, Yukihiro Morimoto
  1999,11(2):216-220 [Abstract(2108)]  [View PDF]
Application of landscape connectivity in habitat suitability evaluation case study in Wolong Nature Reserve,Sichuan, China
  Chen Li ding,Fu Bo jieChen Li ding, Fu Bo jie
  1999,11(2):221-226 [Abstract(2349)]  [View PDF]
Impacts of land cover change on plant and bird species diversity in Hainan Island,China
  Ouyang Zhi yun,Wang Ru song,Wang Xiao ke,Xiao HanOuyang Zhi yun, Wang Ru song, Wang Xiao ke, Xiao Han
  1999,11(2):227-230 [Abstract(2086)]  [View PDF]
Behavioral fragmentation of waterfowl habitat and its landscape ecological design in Shuangtai hekou Reserve, Liaoning, China
  Hu Yuan man,Xiao Du ningHu Yuan man, Xiao Du ning
  1999,11(2):231-235 [Abstract(2092)]  [View PDF]
Purification function of the natural wetland in the Liaohe Delta
  Li Xiu Zhen,Qu Xiang rong,Wang Lian ping,Zhang Hai rong,Xiao Du ningLi Xiu Zhen, Qu Xiang rong, Wang Lian ping, Xiao Du ning, Zhang Hai rong
  1999,11(2):236-242 [Abstract(2795)]  [View PDF]
Geoecological analysis of the Korea alpine and subalpine plants and lands
  KONG Woo-seokKONG Woo-seok
  1999,11(2):243-246 [Abstract(2017)]  [View PDF]
Degradation problems of the land/water ecotones in China and their ecological impact to water systems
  Yin Cheng qing,Wang XingWang Xing, Yin Cheng qing
  1999,11(2):247-251 [Abstract(2068)]  [View PDF]
Thermal based functional evaluation of urban park vegetation
  John Bosco NJOROGE,Akihiro NAKAMURA,Yukihiro MORIMOTOAkihiro NAKAMURA, John Bosco NJOROGE, Yukihiro MORIMOTO
  1999,11(2):252-256 [Abstract(2112)]  [View PDF]

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