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Particulate problems of different occupational environments in Hong Kong
  Leung Y.C.,Cheung K.K.
  1999,11(4):385-391 [Abstract(2155)]  [View PDF]
Amelioration of the biogeochemical environment with iodine in kelp
  WENG Huanxin,GUO Defang,ZENG Huasheng
  1999,11(4):392-396 [Abstract(2153)]  [View PDF]
Lead levels in Chromolaena odorata (Compositae) along rural and urban roads in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
  Essien D. Udosen,Okon M. Udodiong
  1999,11(4):397-402 [Abstract(1843)]  [View PDF]
Research of green cement clinker calcinated from ferrochrome slag
  LIU Xiaobo,FU Yongjian,XIAO Qiuguo,JIN Yisu,LIU Xiaoping
  1999,11(4):403-406 [Abstract(1887)]  [View PDF]
A numerical method for spherical particle motion in turbulent flow with large Reynolds number
  ZHANG Yongze,LI Jia,LI Ke feng,WANG Xuan
  1999,11(4):407-414 [Abstract(1783)]  [View PDF]
Betaine accumulation and the change of betaine-aldehyde dehydrogenase activity in barley seedlings under KCl and NaCl stress
  YI Yanjun,XU Chengshui,ZHAO Bosheng,LIU Jiayao,WANG Xuechen
  1999,11(4):415-418 [Abstract(2116)]  [View PDF]
Effect of sodium arsenite on adrenocortical activity in immature female rats: evidence of dose dependent response
  Debidas Ghosh,Sandip Chattopadhyay,Jogen Debnath
  1999,11(4):419-422 [Abstract(1880)]  [View PDF]
Past changes in the abundance of diatoms as inferred from a sediment core from Hebe Haven, Saikung, Hong Kong
  WONGY. Y.,DickmanM.D.,PAN ShaoMing
  1999,11(4):423-431 [Abstract(1866)]  [View PDF]
Managing international collaboration for the development and application of environmental technologies: opportunities for China & other Asia Pacific countries
  Turlough F. Guerin
  1999,11(4):432-442 [Abstract(1949)]  [View PDF]
Transfer of Australian environmental research on the insecticide endosulfan to Anhui Province, China
  Turlough F. Guerin
  1999,11(4):443-448 [Abstract(1862)]  [View PDF]
Leaf area development, dry weight accumulation and solar energy conversion efficiencies of Phaseolus vulgaris L. under different soil moisture levels near Nairobi, Kenya
  M.M. Muniafu1,J.N.M. Macharia1,C.J.Stigter,G.L.Coulson
  1999,11(4):449-456 [Abstract(1844)]  [View PDF]
Effect of different fertilizers on methane emission from a paddy field of Zhejiang, China
  Ibrahim Traore,SHEN Dongsheng,MIN Hang,CHEN Meici,FENG Xiaoshan
  1999,11(4):457-461 [Abstract(2050)]  [View PDF]
Competition of the active roots of Cassia siamea Lam. and Zea mays L.(cv.Katumani Composite B) in an alley cropping trial in semi arid Kenya
  1999,11(4):462-467 [Abstract(1895)]  [View PDF]
Carbon emission permit allocation and trading
  CHEN Wenying,WU Zongxin
  1999,11(4):468-473 [Abstract(1886)]  [View PDF]
Random walk modeling of wake dispersion for the exhaust tower of an underground tunnel in urban area
  JIANG Weimei,YU Hongbin,LI Xin
  1999,11(4):474-479 [Abstract(1891)]  [View PDF]
Treatment of bleaching wastewater from pulp paper plants in China using enzymes and coagulants
  ZHANG Tong,Shinji Wada,Takao Yamagishi,Ichikawa Hiroyasu,Kenji Tatsumi,ZHAO Qingxiang
  1999,11(4):480-484 [Abstract(1912)]  [View PDF]
Development and application of a GIS database for the Miyun Reservoir water quality protection
  JIA Haifeng,CHENG Shengtong,XIAO Yang
  1999,11(4):485-491 [Abstract(1880)]  [View PDF]
Indicator system and evaluation framework for sustainable development
  ZHAO Jingzhu,Johannes Baptist Opschoor
  1999,11(4):492-497 [Abstract(1902)]  [View PDF]
Metal pollution in relation to mass outbreaks of Dendrolimus punctatus Walker on Pinus massoniana China
  Pekka Nuorteva,LI Tiansheng,Esa Tulisalo,HONG Peizhi
  1999,11(4):498-503 [Abstract(1948)]  [View PDF]
Environmental awareness and the contemporary society of China——an analysis and an understanding
  XU Songling
  1999,11(4):504-509 [Abstract(1777)]  [View PDF]
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  1999,11(4):510-512 [Abstract(1389)]  [View PDF]

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