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Suspended particulate and colloidal matter in natural waters
  RAN Yong,FU Jia-mo,SHENG Guo-ying,R.Beckett,B.T.Hart
  2000,12(2):129-137 [Abstract(1982)]  [View PDF]
Influence of chlorsulfuron herbicide on size of microbial biomass in the soil
  A.M.EL-Ghamry,HUANG Chang-yong,XU Jian-ming
  2000,12(2):138-143 [Abstract(1843)]  [View PDF]
Transfer kinetics of phenol between aqueous phase and N,N-di(1-methyl-heptyl) acetamide in kerosene
  YANG Zhu-xian,DU Hui-fang,ZHAO Qi-hong,ZHOU Zu-ming
  2000,12(2):144-148 [Abstract(2201)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation of stratified turbulent two phase flow in aquatic environment
  SHEN Yong-ming,WANG Ya-ling,LIANG Chuan
  2000,12(2):149-153 [Abstract(1777)]  [View PDF]
Stipulation of the criteria for the construction of eco agricultural county in China
  WANG Hong-kang
  2000,12(2):154-160 [Abstract(1899)]  [View PDF]
A three-dimensional model for the transportation of Fe and Mn in Arha Reservoir
  CHEN Xiao-hong,Allan J Brimicombe
  2000,12(2):161-171 [Abstract(1938)]  [View PDF]
Application of GIS technology in chemical emergency response
  WANG Gui-lian,LU Yong-long,XU Jian
  2000,12(2):172-177 [Abstract(1991)]  [View PDF]
Environmental input-output model and its analysis with a focus on the solid waste management sectors
  ZENG Guang-ming,YUAN Xing-zhong,ZHANG Pan-yue\,GUO Huai-cheng,Gordon Guo-He Huang,L.Hemelaar
  2000,12(2):178-183 [Abstract(1805)]  [View PDF]
Fractal characteristics of filamentous bacteria in activated sludge and its significance
  YI Shun-min,, ZHAO Wen-qian,, LI Ran
  2000,12(2):184-188 [Abstract(2523)]  [View PDF]
Loss of ozone on sulfate and sulfide doped-ice surfaces
  MU YU-jing,, ZHANG Xiao-shan,, LIU Ye,, YANG Wen-xiang
  2000,12(2):189-193 [Abstract(2034)]  [View PDF]
Reaction probabilities of ClONO2 on ice
  MU Yu-jing,, YANG Wen-xiang
  2000,12(2):194-198 [Abstract(1917)]  [View PDF]
Furfural residues from straw become complex fertilizer by addition method
  LIU Jun-feng,, YI Ping-gui,, XIAO He-lian
  2000,12(2):199-202 [Abstract(1899)]  [View PDF]
Conceptual understandings of the ecological engineering issues: in China and abroad
  XU Fu-liu,, TAO Shu
  2000,12(2):203-208 [Abstract(1790)]  [View PDF]
A novel kinetic procedure for the determination of iron in environmental samples
  HE Rong-huan,, WANG Jian-hua
  2000,12(2):209-212 [Abstract(1854)]  [View PDF]
Cold-modeling study of a circulating fluidized-bed reactor for flue gas desulfurization (FGD)
  QIAN Feng,, LIU Tong-guang,, ZHANG Zhen-fang
  2000,12(2):213-219 [Abstract(1840)]  [View PDF]
Petro-chemical wastewater treatment by biological process
  GUAN Wei-sheng,, LEI Zi-xue,, ZHU Jun-huang
  2000,12(2):220-224 [Abstract(2114)]  [View PDF]
Life cycle assessment for municipal solid waste treatment and utilization
  XU Cheng,, YANG Jian-xin,, WANG Ru-song
  2000,12(2):225-231 [Abstract(1858)]  [View PDF]
Properties of polyferric-silicate-sulfate(PFSS) coagulant
  GAO Bao-yu,YUE Qin-yan,ZHAO Hua-zhang,SONG Yong-hui
  2000,12(2):232-235 [Abstract(2035)]  [View PDF]
Response of cucumber plants to increased UV-B radiation under water stress
  YANG Zhi-min,,HU Ai-tong,ZHENG Shao-jian,ZHENG You-fei,, YAN Jing-yi
  2000,12(2):236-240 [Abstract(1770)]  [View PDF]
Fouling and cleaning of membrane--a literature review
  ZHAO Yan-jun,, WU Kai-fen,, WANG Zheng-jun,, ZHAO Liang,, LI Shu-shen
  2000,12(2):241-251 [Abstract(3350)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic response of chlorsulfuron herbicide to nitrogen mineralization and the ratio of microbial biomass nitrogen to nitrogen mineralization in the soil
  A.M.EL-Ghamry,, HUANG Chang-yong,, XU Jian-ming
  2000,12(2):252-256 [Abstract(1829)]  [View PDF]

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