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Control strategy for sulfur dioxide and acid rain pollution inChinaa
  HAO Ji-ming,WANG Shu-xiao,LIU Bing-jiang,HE Ke-bin
  2000,12(4):385-393 [Abstract(1819)]  [View PDF]
Construction of hybrid cell with Phanerochaete chrysosporium todegrade terephthalic acid wastewater (I) phenotype evidence
  CHENG Shu-pei1,ZHONG Zhi-hui,LU Peng,CHEN Jun,ZHU Jian-zhong,JUEZi-long
  2000,12(4):394-397 [Abstract(1918)]  [View PDF]
Establishment of environmental specimen bank in Shanghai
  ZHANG Yuan-xun,WANG Yin-song,QIAN Yin-e,TAN Ming-guang,ZHI Ming,LI De-yi,CHENG Feng,ZNANG Gui-lin
  2000,12(4):398-401 [Abstract(1904)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of air particulate matter and their sources inurban and rural area of Beijing, China
  YANG Shao-jin,DONG Jin-quan,CHENG Bing-ru
  2000,12(4):402-409 [Abstract(1953)]  [View PDF]
Homogeneous catalytic wet air oxidation for the treatment oftextile wastewaters
  LEI Le-cheng,SUN Yuan
  2000,12(4):410-415 [Abstract(1779)]  [View PDF]
Influence of inorganic salt on aerobic biodegradability of dyestuffs
  ZHAN Xin-min,WANG Jian-long,WEN Xiang-hua,FENG Ye-cheng,QIAN Yi
  2000,12(4):416-421 [Abstract(1809)]  [View PDF]
Agro-ecological engineering in China: a way towards sustainableagriculture
  LIU Guo-hua,FU Bo-jie
  2000,12(4):422-429 [Abstract(2246)]  [View PDF]
A three-dimensional prediction system for water qualitypolluction in coastal waters
  SHEN Yong-ming,ZHENG Yong-hong,Toshimitsu KOMATSU
  2000,12(4):430-438 [Abstract(1905)]  [View PDF]
Aerosol optical properties derived from imultaneoussunphotometer and aureolemeter measurements in Lhasa
  BAI Yu-bo,SHI Guang-yu,Koichi Tamura,Takashi Shibata,YasunobuIwasaka,Kaneta Shin'ichi,Takamura Tamio
  2000,12(4):439-443 [Abstract(2054)]  [View PDF]
Extraction of copper ions by supercritical carbon dioxide
  CUI Zhao-jie,LIU Jun-cheng,GAO Lian-cun,WEI Ying-qin
  2000,12(4):444-447 [Abstract(1763)]  [View PDF]
Effect of activated NH3 on SO2 removal by pulse coronadischarge plasma in flue gas
  LI Jie,WU Yan,WANG Ning-hui,YANG Li-ming
  2000,12(4):448-451 [Abstract(1848)]  [View PDF]
Alkaline leaching of metal melting industry wastes dseparation of zinc and lead in the leach solution
  LIN Min
  2000,12(4):452-457 [Abstract(1946)]  [View PDF]
Comparison of physiological responses to oxidative and .heavymetal stress in seedlings of rice paddy, Oryza sativa L.
  YU Guo-ying,WANG Guo-ping,HE Chi-quan
  2000,12(4):458-462 [Abstract(2133)]  [View PDF]
N2O emissions from agricultural soils in the North China Plain:the effect of chemical nitrogen fertilizer and organic manure
  DONG Yun-she,Dieter Scharffe,Manfred Domroes,QI Yu-chun,ZHANGShen
  2000,12(4):463-468 [Abstract(2039)]  [View PDF]
Two-dimensional numerical algorithm for water qualitymodeling in the topographically complicated river
  ZENG Guang-ming,JIANG Yi-min,GUO Huai-cheng,Gordon Guo-He Huang
  2000,12(4):469-473 [Abstract(2232)]  [View PDF]
Three industries and wastewater and COD discharge of Beijing
  WANG Yan,WANG Hong-rui,NING Da-tong
  2000,12(4):474-477 [Abstract(2066)]  [View PDF]
Large pore size polyacrylonitrile membrane for ultrafiltration
  WU Kai-fen,QIU Ping,WANG Zheng-jun,WANG Jing-rong
  2000,12(4):478-481 [Abstract(2118)]  [View PDF]
Biological exposure models for oil spill impact analysis
  XIONG De-qi,Narve Ekrol
  2000,12(4):482-485 [Abstract(1895)]  [View PDF]
Ecological rebuilding and land reclamation in surface mines inShanxi Province, China
  MIAO Ze-wei,GAO Lin,BAI Zhong-ke
  2000,12(4):486-497 [Abstract(1891)]  [View PDF]
Raising medium function of environmental engineering by usinglife rubbish to produce carpet turf
  DUO Li-an,ZHAO Shu-lan
  2000,12(4):498-505 [Abstract(1895)]  [View PDF]
A synopsis of the book Striking a balance: improvingstewardship of marine areas(by the U. S. National Research Council the operating arm of the U. S National Academiesof Science and Engineering)
  John Cairns, Jr
  2000,12(4):506-509 [Abstract(2181)]  [View PDF]

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