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Engineering for problem solving in future: Eco-social market economy and eco-social tech
  Anton Moser
  2001,13(3):257-264 [Abstract(1921)]  [View PDF]
Influence of fuel quality on vehicular NOx emissions
  WANG Shao-xia,SHAO Min,ZHANG Yuan-hang
  2001,13(3):265-271 [Abstract(1858)]  [View PDF]
Chromium-induced membrane damage: protective role of ascorbic acid
  Sankar Kumar Dey,Prasunpriya Nayak,Somenath Roy
  2001,13(3):272-275 [Abstract(1845)]  [View PDF]
Bipolar charged aerosol agglomeration and collection by a two zone agglomerator
  XIANG Xiao-dong,CHEN Bao-zhi,COLBECK
  2001,13(3):276-279 [Abstract(1826)]  [View PDF]
Model calculating annual mean atmospheric dispersion factor for coastal site of nuclear power plant
  HU Er-bang,YAO Ren-tai,ZHANG Mao-shuan,GAO Zhan-rong,WANG Shu-xian,CHEN Jia-yi,JIA Pei-rong,Liao Qi-lin
  2001,13(3):280-290 [Abstract(1840)]  [View PDF]
Understanding yields in alley cropping maize (Zea mays L. ) and Cassia siamea Lam. under semi-arid conditions in Machakos,Eastern Kenya
  D.N. Mungai,C.L. Coulson,J.K. Ng' Ang' A,G.W.S. Netondo,G.O. Umaya,C.J. Stigter
  2001,13(3):291-298 [Abstract(1749)]  [View PDF]
Predicting octanol/water partition coefficient using solvation free energy and solvent-accessible surface area
  LIU Xin-hui,WU Chun-de,HAN Shuo-kui,WANG Lian-sheng
  2001,13(3):299-303 [Abstract(2008)]  [View PDF]
Comparison of degradation reactions of Acid Yellow 61 in both oxidation processes of H202/UV and 03
  WANG Yi-zhong,A. Yedeler(GSF-Institute of Ecological Chemistry, Neuherberg, Postfach 1129, 85758 Neuherberg, Germany),A. Kettrup
  2001,13(3):304-307 [Abstract(1932)]  [View PDF]
Reduced-glutathione concentrations in Boleophthalmus pectinirostris tissues exposed to benzo(a)pyrene
  FENG Tao,ZHENG Wei-yun,GUO Xiang-qun,ZHANG Yong
  2001,13(3):308-310 [Abstract(1843)]  [View PDF]
Combined effects of two sulfonylurea herbicides on soil microbial biomass and N-mineralization Combined effelcts of two silfonylurea herbicies on soil micrmass and N-munerlzation
  A. M. EL-Ghamry,HUANG Chang-yong,XU Jian-ming
  2001,13(3):311-317 [Abstract(2083)]  [View PDF]
Comparative studies on utilizing nitrogen capacity between two macroalgae Gracilaria tenuistipitata var. liui (rhodophyta) and Ulva pertusa ( chlorophyta )I. Nitrogen storage under nitrogen enrichment and starvation
  LIU Jing-Wen,DONG Shuang-Lin
  2001,13(3):318-322 [Abstract(2037)]  [View PDF]
Comparative studies on utilizing nitrogen capacity between two macroalgae Gracilaria tenuistipitata var. liui ( rhodophyta ) and Ulva pertusa (chlorophyta)Ⅱ.Feedback controls of intracellular nitrogen pools on nitrogen uptake
  LIU Jing-Wen,DONG Shuang-Lin
  2001,13(3):323-327 [Abstract(2026)]  [View PDF]
An ecosystem-based understanding and analysis for SENCE toward sustainable development
  CHENG Sheng-tong,HOU Ji-xiong,JIA Hai-feng
  2001,13(3):328-332 [Abstract(1940)]  [View PDF]
Prevention of debris flow disasters on Chengdu-Kunming Railway
  WANG Wei,XU Wei-lin,LIU Shan-jun
  2001,13(3):333-336 [Abstract(2028)]  [View PDF]
Excessive Cu and Zn affecting on distribution of the metals and activities of glycolytic and nitrogen incorporating key enzymes in mycelia of ectomycorrhizal fungi Suillus bovinus
  2001,13(3):337-341 [Abstract(2114)]  [View PDF]
Treatment of turtle-breeding wastewater and domestic fecal sewage with soil cultivating system
  LAO Shan-gen
  2001,13(3):342-345 [Abstract(1775)]  [View PDF]
Design of policy mechanism to promote cleaner production in China
  ZHANG Tian-zhu
  2001,13(3):346-350 [Abstract(1956)]  [View PDF]
Cadmium status in Egypt
  M. F. Abdel-Sabour
  2001,13(3):351-360 [Abstract(1853)]  [View PDF]
Photodegradation of α-naphthaleneacetic acid in aqueous solution
  LIU Hui-jun,ZHOU Zhu-fei,LIU Wei-ping
  2001,13(3):361-364 [Abstract(2064)]  [View PDF]
Cleaning method of the oil field wastewater treatment by UF process
  WANG Jing-rong,Xu Cheng
  2001,13(3):365-367 [Abstract(1796)]  [View PDF]
Ability of Agrogyron elongatum to accumulate the single metal of cadmium, copper, nickel and lead and root exudation of organic acids
  YANG Hong,YANG Zhi-min,ZHOU Li-xiang,Jongathan W. C. Wong
  2001,13(3):368-375 [Abstract(2223)]  [View PDF]
Effects of cultivation on N20 emission and seasonal quantitative variations of related microbes in a temperate grassland soil
  HUANG Bin,CHEN Guan-xiong
  2001,13(3):376-379 [Abstract(1950)]  [View PDF]
Extraction kinetics of phenol with N, N-di (1-methyl-heptyl)acetamide-kerosene using hollow fiber membrane extractor
  YANG Zhu-xian,DU Hui-fang(Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China. E-mail: zmzhou @ fudan. edu. cn),SUN Xian-bo,XIA Ye,ZHOU Zu-ming
  2001,13(3):380-384 [Abstract(1796)]  [View PDF]

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