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Removal of organic contaminants from water or wastewater with liquefied gases
  YANG Chun,TEO Khay-chuan,XU Yan-rong
  2002,14(1):1-6 [Abstract(2036)]  [View PDF]
Chemical composition of aerosols in winter/spring in Beijing
  ZHANG Ren-jian,WANG Ming-xing,XIA Xian-gao
  2002,14(1):7-11 [Abstract(2395)]  [View PDF]
Chemical behavior of organic compounds in the interface ofwater/dual-cation organobentonite
  CHEN Bao-liang,ZHU Li-zhong
  2002,14(1):12-19 [Abstract(2137)]  [View PDF]
Intra-specific variations of two Leymus chinensis divergence populations in Songnen Plain, Northeast China
  WAHG Ren-zhong
  2002,14(1):20-26 [Abstract(2577)]  [View PDF]
Greenhouse gas emissions from a constructed wetland for municipal sewage treatment
  TAI Pei-dong,LI Pei-jun,SUN Tie-heng,HE Yao-wu,ZHOU Qi-xing,GONG Zong-qiang,Motoyuki Mizuochi,Yuhei Inamori
  2002,14(1):27-33 [Abstract(2152)]  [View PDF]
Cobalt in alluvial Egyptian soils as affected by industrial activities
  Ensegam A.M. Zohny
  2002,14(1):34-38 [Abstract(2388)]  [View PDF]
Seed yeast cultivation for salad oil manufacturing wastewater treatment
  ZHENG Shao-kui,YANG Min,LI Pei-rui
  2002,14(1):39-43 [Abstract(1964)]  [View PDF]
Heavy metals in water bodies purified by suspended substrate of rivers
  ZHOU Dong-mei,CHEN Huai-man,ZHENG Chun-rong
  2002,14(1):44-48 [Abstract(1963)]  [View PDF]
Double catholyte electrochemical approach for preparing ferrate-aluminum: a compound dxidant-coagulant for water purification
  QU Jiu-hui,LEI Peng-ju,LIU Hui-juan
  2002,14(1):49-53 [Abstract(2015)]  [View PDF]
Cyanobacterial flora and the physico-chemical environment of six tropical fresh water lakes of Udaipur, India.
  J.Pandey,Usha Pandey(Department of Botany, G.N.Girls College,Udaipur-313002, India)
  2002,14(1):54-62 [Abstract(2292)]  [View PDF]
Concurrency: a system design approach to environmental management and sustainability
  R. W. Dawson,TAO Shu
  2002,14(1):63-69 [Abstract(2516)]  [View PDF]
Calculation method of quantum efficiency to TiO2 nanocrystal photocatalysis reaction
  XIE Yi-bing,YUAN Chun-wei
  2002,14(1):70-75 [Abstract(3964)]  [View PDF]
Assessment of water pollution control strategies: a case study for the Dianchi Lake
  CHEN Ji-ning,ZHANG Tian-zhu,DU Peng-fei
  2002,14(1):76-78 [Abstract(2840)]  [View PDF]
Trace metals distribution in synodontis membranaceus, sediments, Asystasia Gangetica and Platostoma Africanium from Ofuafor River around Delta Glass Factory in Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State Nigeria
  2002,14(1):79-82 [Abstract(2250)]  [View PDF]
Sustainable development pattern and strategy in the Three Gorges Reservoir Areas
  LI Jing,ZHAO Jing-zhu,DENG Hong-bing,WU Gang,WEI Jing
  2002,14(1):83-87 [Abstract(1943)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic analysis and assessment for sustainable development
  SHI Xiao-qing
  2002,14(1):88-94 [Abstract(2012)]  [View PDF]
Intersexual plasticity in aspects of the biology of the mudskipper Periophthalmus barbarus(Gobhdae) in the mangrove swamps of IMO Estuary, Nigeria
  Mfon T. Udo
  2002,14(1):95-101 [Abstract(2180)]  [View PDF]
Marine oil spill contingency planning
  QIAO Bing,ZHU Jia-cheng,ZHAO Ping,YU Yuan,LI Yun
  2002,14(1):102-107 [Abstract(2043)]  [View PDF]
Biosorption of lead by Phanerochaete chrysosporium in the form of pellets
  WU Juan,LI Qing-biao
  2002,14(1):108-114 [Abstract(2076)]  [View PDF]
Effects of red-yellow soil acidification on seed germination of Chinese pine
  2002,14(1):115-119 [Abstract(2098)]  [View PDF]
Analysis on the environmental problems accompanying the high-speed urbanization of small towns in China
  XU Lei,GE Jian,HUA Ying
  2002,14(1):120-126 [Abstract(2158)]  [View PDF]
An approach to the fluctuation mechanism of Ecotone
  2002,14(1):127-131 [Abstract(2044)]  [View PDF]
Mechanisms of granular activated carbon anaerobic fluidized-bed process for treating phenols wastewater
  LAO Shan-gen
  2002,14(1):132-135 [Abstract(2062)]  [View PDF]
Ecological toxicity of reactive X-3B red dye and cadmium acting on wheat (Triticum aestivum)
  CHENG Yun,ZHOU Qi-xing
  2002,14(1):136-140 [Abstract(2839)]  [View PDF]
Optimization of C/N ratio for preparation of protein-rich and multi-enzymes feed thallus through synergic fermentation of mixed distillers'grains
  LI Zheng-yi,Zhou Ding
  2002,14(1):141-144 [Abstract(1867)]  [View PDF]

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